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Hi everyone it’s been a while before it since I really put anything on. We’ve had two funerals one with my sons biological dad and we are very close friends of them. Yes it was a very close friend of mine.

Although I’ve been sick, I finished up my are nursing students for their semesters, finished up Sims for school, and finished up corona injection cleaner which I was in charge of for the hospital.

Today I had my surgery or I should say my three surgeries and I am relaxing in the hospital. According to the doctor everything went well, and I hope it did.

I hope everyone’s doing well and I just thought I’d check in.


414 day

Not on your list but a big day in our city. A Section 7 prompt

The guys run into the 414 day crowd chasing a Thrush Agent


Napoleon and Illya raced through the streets of Milwaukee, chasing the Thrush agent who had stolen a formula from a UWM professor.  The professor who had designed it was to meet them at the Safehouse and was found dead in the Japanese room with the formula absent.  The men had arrived just as the Thrush agent was leaving through the secret phone booth.*
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My picture

I started doing diamond art my grandson picked this blue dragon and it's finished now. Kind of proud of myself that it came out so well.

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I was touched and honored to participate in my first funeral for the Wisconsin Nursing Honor guard. The other nurse who came to say goodbye to one of our own were thrilled that we were there to honor her. In Wisconsin, the organization is just in its third year but growing quick as are our sisters and brothers though out the U.S.
This is our uniform for the Honor Guard.
WNHG uniform.jpeg