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A drabble a day discussion of life Russian Holiday 2:4 (double drabble)

“I’d be happy to join you,” Napoleon said quickly.

“What about your plans?”

“I’d enjoy spending the day with you.  How does an Ukrainian celebration the holidays?”

“Actually it is three day, Dec 31st, Jan 7th and Jan 13th.”imagesCA2ABQQG

“And people think you don’t know how to party,” Napoleon teased.

The 31st involves festive foods, and a decorate firtree, to see off the old year and bring in only good things. On streets, you can hear laughter and see fireworks. It is the day that Did Moroz and Sengurochka pass out Christmas gifts.”

imagesCACUNC67More gifts and food why am I not surprised that you would be interested in going to the celebration.”

Ignoring him, Illya continued. “On January 7th families celebrate Christmas with a twelve course meatless meal.  And on the 13th the old New Year eve, we have celebrations with carolers going from house to house playing pranks or performing small plays. Finally, after supper neighbors apologize for the possible wrongs to each other bringing the New Year in with peace and harmony.”

“And you do this yearly?”

“No,” Illya admitted looking at his partner, “I have not had family to share it with, but this year.”

Yes partner, we’re family.”

Tags: illya, napoleon, new years

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