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Discussions on Life-in Drabble form-on Cars

Napoleon and Illya are as different as night and day in many things, but those differences are what makes them the team they are.  In a group of comparative drabbles, the men make these differences known.

Their views on cars:

The cars the two drive reflects their personalities.

Napoleon left his apartment to meet his partner who was picking him up.

“Not that piece of junk again,” he complained.

“It is dependable,” Illya explained.

“It’s ugly.  Paint chipped, dents all over, and old.”

“It goes from 0 to 100 in six seconds”

“Before it blows a gasket.”

“It stands up to being rammed.”

“Then runs out of fuel because of gas guzzling.”

Napoleon continued his attack on the car.

It always belches exhaust.”

“Great as a smoke screen.”

“You can always walk, Napoleon.”

“No, I’ll just lower my standards for the day.”

Illya smiled as they headed to work.

Illya waited outside for his partner to pick him up.

“Not that Thrush attracter again,” he complained.

“It has style and makes a statement,” Napoleon defending his car choice.

“Yes, UNCLE agents inside.”

“No, that we aren’t afraid of Thrush.”

“It’s too bright.  Painted red, shiny, and new.”

“It goes to 120 in 6 seconds”

“Then blows the engine.”

“We can outrun the bad guys.”

“But when rammed, it folds up.”

 “It excellent for picking up women.”

“Thrush women.”

“You can walk, Illya.”

“No, I will just make sure my gun’s safety is off.”

Napoleon smiled driving them to work.

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