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jkkitty (jkkitty) wrote,

What Element are You? Stolen from Spikesgirl

What Element Are You?

Your element is DARKNESS
You are often misunderstood and judged quickly. Yet if people only took just a bit of extra kind effort to you they would see something wonderful. Mysterious yet much more simple than others misperceive. You get many things that just don't click for others. You see the truth for what it is and you embrace it while others sugar coat it. You have low tolerance for ignorance, though you may come off a bit arrogant yourself. You could stand to reflect a bit more and you will find a lot of your isolation issues are due to self sabotage. Though you may enjoy your alone time, no one truly enjoys being alone. Don't fool yourself. That aside, you are a rare beautiful truth in this world of fake.
Tags: fun meme

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