jkkitty (jkkitty) wrote,

From Jantojones and Sparky

Favorite smell: the lavender--especially in my diffuser

-Last cry – frustration of everything happening right now
-Favorite pizza – pepperoni
-Favorite Flower – all fall flowers
-Favorite Dog breed – no favorite, just needs to meet and fall in love with one
-Favorite foot attire – moccasins
-Hair color – white/brown--it is turning
-Favorite Ice cream – Strawberry
-Pet-peeve – people who don't listen then demand you to repeat what you said
-Shorts or jeans - jeans
-What are you listening to right now? TV but not really listening, just background noise
-Favorite color - lilac
-Color of eyes - depends on mood, between a green and blue
-Favorite Holiday – Christmas with the kids
-Night owl or day person – night owl. worked 26 years night shift-by choice
-Favorite day of the week – Sunday
-Nickname – Jojo
-Favorite music –  50's-60's
-Do you like to cook? Not something I like to do, but do
-Beer or wine? – neither don't drink but PEPSI anytime
-Can you drive a manual shift? No,
-State you were born in? Pennsylvania
-Do you work out? walking
-Do you like vegetables? Love all but beets
-Do you wear glasses? if I want to see.
-Favorite season? Autumn

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