I'm back in town.

I know I

 haven't been around, but was spending time up north in Wisconsin's Door County.  And what a time.

We took our little pop up camper up there to a beautiful camp ground and loved it.  While there we were running around in a golf cart-their way of transportation in the site, we noticed permanent campers for sale.  So decided to look at them--not intending to do more than that.

Of course we found the perfect one, reasonable and beautiful   The people who were selling it had become disabled, and couldn't use it any more.  So everything was included from furniture, appliances, dishes, sheets, etc, golf cart, and shed full of items needed to keep the site nice.  The  the outdoor furniture was included and just need some paint.  So now the place is ours.

the camper--porches need some paint
golf cart
some of the outdoor furniture==needed paint and some sanding and some of the results of our upgrading

front porch.
the porch now.


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