jkkitty (jkkitty) wrote,

I did it!

Well I did it.   Always wanted to go to Ireland and visit where my mom's family was from.   A month ago I stopped in an Irish store in Fish Creek (Door Country in Wisconsin) and they were offering a all inclusive  trip to Ireland.  My friend ,Mary, has always had the same dream. 
So after checking it out, talking to other people who took it, and talking to the travel company they  are dealing with (after checking them out) I wrote out a check for the deposit, picked up Mary's, I dropped them off. 
Now March 30th we will be on our way from Chicago for an over night flight and touring Ireland for 9 days.

Can't wait.  Now just lose some of the weight I gained in the last few months, and I'm ready to go.
Tags: ireland, trip

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