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Finally done

Sorry if I didn't answer any entries this last week, but I sent it with my partners to convert our clinical and simulations from personal to on line.   This meant we needed to make sure they met the requirement for the courses.   New questions that included critical thinking, videoing assessments of partners, SO, family to prevent them getting ill.   For simulations we need to find older silmulation that the students will answer critical thinking questions for and what they would have done in each situation. 

Myself and my partners did this with text, phone calls, emails, and one day in a room for 60 people the 4 of us sat at each corner and worked that way. 

I spent some time today just reading that were nursing.  Tomorrow we open all the programs for the students, and I think listening to complaint and unhappiness.  If they look at what we did they will find it is actually less that they normally would have done.

Everything is locked down here except food stores and critical needed area, so our businesses are getting creative.   I've been wanting to make a wooden sign for the camper.   I had designed it, but never had time to get to the business to do it.  So they developed a order and pick up.  The wooden sign with the stencil and all the paints, and equipment was pack up and dropped in my trunk. 

Have glass to organize and sort for my kiln, and designed to create for my stain glass.   All set for time to do things, including correcting nursing papers.

Hope you all are doing well and surviving.
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