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An Easter Egg for Blondie_54

She requested,  "I'd like a story around a chocolate factory. Any genre, TV, or movie."   Hopefully you'll enjoyed this messy treat.

Having an afternoon off, Napoleon watched Illya examine the chocolate displays in the Main street stores of the windows. 
“Illya, what’s your appeal with chocolate?” he asked.

“I do not know what you are talking about,” the Russian replied, sneaking a glance at the Chocolate factory’s windows.

“If you say so.  Look, the sign says there’s a tour every hour.  Let’s take it.”

“It’s not necessary,” but the look in Illya’s eyes said yes.

Knowing it was something he would enjoy, “Well, partner, I want to go.”  Napoleon said, entering. Smiling at the clerk, he asked,

“When’s the next tour, my friend and I’d like to take it.”

The girl recognized Solo and Kuryakin.  The Thrush agent was scheduled to arrive in ten minutes.

Deciding to keep them around, “Sir, I’ll get an employee to take you on tour.”

Soon, a young girl came out smiling at them.
“Gentlemen, I’d be more than happy to show you around.”

The two followed the girl into the factory.  As they passed the employees, one of them gave them a questioning look.  “Do you get the feeling, something isn’t right?” Illya asked.

“There goes that Russian’s pessimistism again.  Just enjoy the tour,” Napoleon commented as Illya stopped to examine the chocolate waterfall. 

The men followed the girl starting with a selection of the different beans used.  As she explained each step, Illya became engrossed.

While the men were touring, the agent arrived.  The clerk quickly told him about Napoleon and Illya.  Smiling, he said, “Central will be happy.  Just leave it to me and call Carl for backup.  Those two won’t know what hit them.”  Within a few minutes, Carl and the carrier entered the factory.

The UNCLE agents had just reached the large pot where the mixture for Chocolate candy was cooling.  It consisted of cocoa liquor combined with extra cocoa butter, sugar, milk, vanilla, and emulsifiers. Glancing into the pot, a bullet flew passed Illya's head.  chocolate.jpgThe men ducked, tipping the container over on top of themselves.

Napoleon and Illya fell  under the dense chocolate mixture. the Thrush agents hurried guns drawn to capture the UNCLE agents.  As they came close enough, Illya kicked out his foot, forcing Carl to bump into the agent, knocking them into the chocolate.  Soon the four men were rolling around attempting to best the others. 

A shot rang out, causing all the men to look up.  Before them in a bright yellow dress, white GoGo boots, and a gun was April Dancer.   Mark Slate stood next to her.

When the carrier attempted to reach out to grab April, she threatened.  “You get chocolate on my outfit, and there will be hell to pay.”

“I’d listen to her mate, no one messes with her clothes,” Mark warned. 

April made a quick call to UNCLE requesting retrieval and clean suits Napoleon and Illya. As the prisoners were removed, the carrier grabbed April’s dress, creating a chocolate mess.  Bringing her knee up, the carrier yelled, grabbed himself, and was removed bent over.

Mark looked at the chocolate-covered top agents, “What are you gents doing here?”

Illya glared at Napoleon, “He thought it would be a great idea to tour a Chocolate factory.”

“Why are you here?” Napoleon asked.

“We were assigned to get the microdot,” Mark smiled as April glared at her chocolate cover dress. 

April huffed, heading toward the door. “I can’t wait to interrogate those two,” she grumbled.

“Glad she’s not annoyed with me,” Mark said, following her out.

After the men showered and changed, they were leaving the factory when their guide stopped them handing each a large basket of chocolate candy.  “We’re sorry about the mess,” she said.

“No problem, my dear.  Perhaps I could take you to dinner to make up for the mess we made.”

Smiling, she handed Napoleon her number while Illya rolled his eyes.  As they walked out, Napoleon was heard saying, “You don’t eat the ears first.”

“Why? They’re on top of his head.”

“You don’t….” heard as the door closed.
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