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414 day

Not on your list but a big day in our city. A Section 7 prompt

The guys run into the 414 day crowd chasing a Thrush Agent


Napoleon and Illya raced through the streets of Milwaukee, chasing the Thrush agent who had stolen a formula from a UWM professor.  The professor who had designed it was to meet them at the Safehouse and was found dead in the Japanese room with the formula absent.  The men had arrived just as the Thrush agent was leaving through the secret phone booth.*

The car chase was running through downtown into the Miller Valley when they were stopped dead.  Before them, a crowd appeared blocking them from continuing the chase. The crowd surrounding the car was dressed in hats and shirts advertising different beers.  Boisterous cheers and songs were accompanied by splashing beers.

Getting out of the car, Illya shouted at a passerby to be heard. “What the heck is going on?”

“It’s 414th day,” the man slurred.

A confused look passed between the agents, “And just what might 414th day be?’ Napoleon asked.

The man leaned toward Illya, spilling his beer on him. ‘burp’ “It’s Milwaukee day,” ‘burp’ “Everyone knows that.”

“Would you care to explain what 414 has to do with Milwaukee?”  Illya looked around getting concerned with the people who were crowding them closer to the building while spilling more beer on them.

‘burp’ “You guys aren’t from around here, are you? ‘burp’ We’re the only place with the 414 area code ‘burp’.”

Now that they were backed up to the building due to the increasing crowd, Napoleon asked, “And why would you celebrate an area code?”

“‘burp’ It’s April the 14th man.  You really are an idiot aren’t you ‘burp’,” another man yelled in Napoleon's face spitting beer at the same time.

Napoleon mumbled, “One of the most ridiculous reasons I ever heard of to have a party.”

A man in a Miller shirt yelled, “You can’t make fun of our celebration,” and punched Napoleon in the face.  While another man wearing a Pabst shirt attempted to punch Illya who ducked, causing a man in a Schlitz shirt to be hit.

Soon an all-out drunken brawl was in process. Fists were flying along with beer including the local favorites, Schlitz, Pabst, Blatz, Miller. Men wearing their preferred beer shirts shouted nasty comments at each other about their choice of beer.

Ducking the flying fists, Illya grabbed Napoleon's jacket pulling him toward the corner when cop  stopped them and arresting with the crowd.

Covered in beer and stuck in a cell with a group of hungover drunks, who were all singing drinking songs forgetting about the disagreement they were arrested for.

Illya spotted the man they had been chasing in the corner.  The UNCLE agents confronted him.
Looking up through two black eyes and a large cut across his forehead, the Thrush agent frown, “Just what I need.  You two want the formula. Well, you can have it if you just get me out of here and away from these drunks.”

The sound of clicking heels interrupted their conversation.

“Hi boys.  Starting a riot, shame on you.  I can tell you Mr. Waverly isn’t happy,” April Dancer grinned at them.

 The men were released and the few agents who had come with April took charge of the Thrush agent following them out.

As the men walked out of the jail, Napoleon looked at his partner.  “We’re never going to live this down.”  Illya nodded in agreement.

Admiring April, the Thrush agent said, “That’s one heck of a woman. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her.”

“Oh, you’ll get to know me well,” April said menacingly.  “I’m the one who is going to interrogate you.”

“Good luck man,” Napoleon said.  “I wouldn’t want to be in your place.”

As the agents took away the Thrush agent, Napoleon and Illya headed for April’s car.

Planning to sit in the front seat, April directed them to the back.  “Open the windows.  You two smell like a brewery.  I suggest that you dump those suits, the smell will never come out of them.”  She smiled at them, “I can’t wait to see the expense reports you have to turn in for this fiasco.”

Moaning, the two men slouched in their seats.  “It’s your turn to prepare it,” Napoleon reminded Illya.

“I believe it is yours.”  Illya shot back.

April smiled as she listened to the two argue in the back, just happy that they might be smelly but safe.

* The safe house is a spy theme restuarant that opened in 1966,  It's located on an alley turned street (no bar can be on an alley) and is full of surprises.  Moving doors and walls, different area to represent different countries, and secret entrances and exits.  Even a password or silly activities to get in  Both Napoleon and Illya's pictures are on the wall along with many of the other spies.
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