February 13th, 2013

A Drabble a Day Discussions of life--Exchange

He walked toward the car, would they really allow him, his freedom.  He could see his partner standing there hands away from his sides to show he was unarmed.

They had captured him as the building he was sent to destroy crumbled around him.  He had been beaten and drugged but he didn’t talk.  The goal besides destroying the building was safe.  It was an order, and he obeyed hoping their mission would success.

He passed their agent that he was being exchanged for.  Smiling he reached the other side. 

“It worked?”

“Yes, our man is now back in their organization.”

Never Assume

Napoleon's Valentine plans are ruined, almost permanently.  Written and post last year on FF  for Valentine's day.  It occurs after Napoleon and Jo have been seeing one another and although not committed to each other yet, they have come to an agreement.

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