October 15th, 2013

Man from UNCLE month on CrackVan

The month is half over and I have been driving CrackVan this month and highlighting some of my favorite stories from MFU. I hope many of you are checking it out. Today is crossover day and there is still 15 more days to come. I was hard for me to choose just 15 stories and hope to do this again in the future to highlight more of my favorites.

MFU hasn't been highlighted in quite a while and I hope others will also consider do it. You are only responsible for posting 1 a week and 1 cross over, or as many as you would like.

Elmey has stated she would be willing to help anyone who wants to do it (she helped me and now it is very easy to do). I would also be willing to help.

Just swing on over to CrackVan and on left side click on the Man From UNCLE in the Monthly Featured Fandoms to see what I have posted.