jkkitty (jkkitty) wrote,

Frustration and

Well finally home from the pig pen that my ex-daughter in law left for my son and I to clean. Her sister and sister's kids have lived there for the last year while my grandkids spent much of the time with their dads.

She took only what she wanted and left the rest including all the kids things. The sister's kids wrote nasty comments about my grandkids making my granddaughter cry.

 It took 48 bags just to clean out the garbage from the upstairs and main floor.  The dressers (all broken) beds (all with juices and milks poured over them) and other things haven't been taken out yet.  The basement hasn't been touched yet and a freezer is filled with spoiled meat.  The back yard was filled with garbage thrown out the kitchen window and took another 20 bags to clean up.

We took pictures of everything but these women are out of our lives, and the kids but what they did to the house will take months fix (holes in most of the walls) to sale.

Guess this was just my way to leave out my frustration and anger.  Pat
Tags: personal frustration
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