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Sometimes We Don't Succeed Chapter 2

Go-go dancing, Thrush villains, and Kolob Canyon are the backdrop of a new project by Thrush. The agents need not only to put a stop to it, but first they must find out exactly what the project is. Chapter 1:  http://mfu-scrapbook.livejournal.com/818923.html. .


Illya looked at the food slide under the door. It smelt so good yet he suspected a trick.

“The food is not drugged or poisoned, Mr. Kuryakin. I want Mr. Solo to find his partner alive and well.”

“You call this well?” Illya shot back. Unable to stand without pain, bruises and dry blood decorated every part of his body, a few sore ribs made themselves known with every movement and his face was swollen to a point where he could only see through slits.

“As well as can be expected then.”

illya3Naan stepped into the cell with his guards flanking him, rifles pointing towards the Russian. Picking up the dish, he had a guard take a bite from several sections then held it out to Kuryakin. “Eat. It might be your last meal for a while.”

Never one to turn down food, sitting on his cot he took the plate and began to eat quickly. “This makes no difference. Napoleon and I will destroy your project and you.”

“Oh Mr. Kuryakin you’re a joy to have here. I’ve heard of your partner’s and your abilities, but I assure you this time it will be different.”

Finishing the water and most of the food he had been given, Illya gave one of his grins that often sent the enemy running. “Believe what you like but know this Naan, your days are numbered.”

The Thrush slapped the dish out of Kuryakin’s hands, “You won’t be so funny when we have Solo.”

With that the man stalked out of the cell, Illya’s grin following him.


Once in Jo’s room, a fast electronic search showed the agents two bugs.

“Slow down there handsome. We have time. Let me get comfortable and get you a drink.” They began to create noises that made it seem that they were ‘getting it on’

Showing Napoleon the drug she had been handed, a nod from him let her know that he understood how the drug worked. Handing him a drink that those listening would believe was drugged she turned the music on loudly.

“Is everything set up?” he asked.

“We have our tracker set to your signal. Once you find my brother you will give him a tracker also. Jimmy and I will come to release you and Illya. Then together we will find and destroy whatever Naan is up too. That is your plan is it not?” Although almost whispering, the concern was obvious in her voice.

He kissed her as he opened her blouse helping her remove it, “My plans work almost all the time so why worry?” he whispered back. Then louder so that the listener could hear.

“Wouldn’t you like to get comfortable and have a drink?” She suggested and removed her pants.

Napoleon grinned at her and wished they had some time to take advantage of the situation. He removed his jacket, shirt, and tie wrapping his gun and holster within them.


Sam could hear the noise of mixing drinks over the mic hidden in the room. Soon sounds of foreplay with giggling and laughter came from the agents. After ten minutes or so, Jo opened the door and called down for Sam before going back into the room.

She let a few rather large men in a few minutes later. They looked at Solo who was sitting on the bed with a silly grin on his face.

“Hi there. What can I do for you gentlemen?” He pulled his gun out from under the clothes and dropped it. “Oops. It seems that I can’t hold onto my gun.”

The men approached Solo carefully knowing of his reputation. However he gave them no difficulties as they handed him a plain jumper to put on.

“Not my style,” he said handing back to them.

“Put it on Solo or we’ll do it for you.”

Napoleon waived as he stood and slipped into the jumpsuit. “I hope no one sees me in this as it will wreck my image.”

Falling back on the bed, his arms and legs seemed uncoordinated.

“What was in those drops?” Jo demanded after watching Napoleon’s actions. Even though she knew he was acting, she was concerned.

“Nothing to worry your little head about, Nicki. Just something to make him very submissive.” The go-go owner informed her as he folded a hundred dollar bill and placed it in her bra. “Be a good girl and leave us.”

“You’re not going to do anything bad to him are you,” a tone of worry came through.

He folded another hundred and placed it with the first one, “Just forget all this and in the future there may be more for you.”

Grabbing her blouse and pants, she took one last look at Napoleon. “Such a shame, I think he would have been interesting. Can I at least get another kiss before I leave?”

Sam motioned with his hand to go ahead. Jo ran her hands over Napoleon unzipping his uniform and seemed to be grabbing him during which she deposited a couple of tracers in his undershorts. Zippering him back up, she gave him a kiss and left.

“Come on Mr. Solo you have a date with someone who is anxious to see you.”

Still acting as if he was drugged, he leaned into the manager and slurred, “A lovely lady, I hope.”

One of the Thrush agents grabbed his arm and led him to the door.


Illya heard the upper door open and his partner’s voice asking where they were.

“Mr. Solo just come with me, Mr. Kuryakin is waiting for you,” the guard escorting him spoke.

“Oh goodie, I wondered where Illya had gone. He always getting lost you know,” Napoleon lowered his voice as if he was sharing a secret.

As they reached the cell, Kuryakin tried to stand but went down on his knees because of the damage Thrush had done to him so far. He watched as his partner was pushed into the cell landing on the floor.gazeb144

Crawling over to his friend, he lifted Solo’s head.

“Are you alright?”

Winking, Napoleon said, “Here you are Illya, I had to find you again. Would you stop disappearing all the time?”

“Drugged Napoleon?” Illya dropped his head. “Another woman?”

“Oh don’t be like that. It was only a kiss.”

The guards laughed as they left the agents together. One asked, “How many guards did Naan want?”

“They’re secure. Brick walls and those bars, no one is going anywhere.” With that they shut the outer door.

After the Thrush agents left, Napoleon sat up and ran an eye over his partner.

“Not playing well with our host again?” He inquired of the obvious injured agent.

Illya rolled his eyes, “They did not like my answers or should I say the lack of them.” He rubbed his arms and shivered some from the cold.

Moving toward the Russian Napoleon said, “Your clothes seem a little ragged. Let me look you over.”

Although he hated it, Illya knew that until his partner was satisfied that he was not critically hurt he wouldn’t hear the end of it.

After assuring that his partner was not in immediate danger of dying, well at least Illya’s definition of being fine, the American removed an extra tracer Jo had planted on him in the apartment and handed it to the Russian. Then Napoleon removed his undershirt and placed it on Illya.

“Thank you. I feel warmer now. How did you manage to keep this tracer?” Illya whispered as he placed it on his body in case they were separated.

“Their over confidence again. They never rechecked me after they took my things in the room. Nor did they suspect that Jo might be other than she was pretending to be.”

After Napoleon rechecked the room for a means of escape, the two sat waiting for rescue that they knew wouldn’t happen until the Go-go club was closed.


They heard footsteps and the expected visit from their captor was announced.

Solo pretended to just be coming out of the drug.   “You know partner, I have a horrible headache but you look like you went through ten rounds. Were you agonizing Thrush again?”

“I was my normal charming self if you must know,” Illya countered.

“Ah, Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin always the comedian. Central was very excited when I told them I had you two as my guests. Perhaps now one of you will answer my questions before I find it necessary to torture the other one to death. Although I would love to be the one who kills you, Central wants one of you kept alive. Now which one of you would like to talk to me?”

“We wouldn’t want to ruin your fun,” Napoleon answered waving away the man.

“Do not think I am joking Mr. Solo!” Naan was unhappy with his attitude.

“We’ve been interrogated and threatened by the best. It’s getting very old. Why not just give up now and save us the trouble of escaping from here and taking you prisoner?” He provoked the man.

The Thrush leader motioned for the door to be open and his guards entered rifles aimed at the men.

“Take Kuryakin. He’s already softened up. Let’s see if Mr. Solo can keep his tongue while his partner dies.”

As they headed toward Illya, the UNCLE agents exploded into action. Taking out the first guards, they headed towards the next set when they heard the sound of a rifle bolt clickinto place.

“Gentlemen, I won’t miss at this distance,” Naan aimed the rifle at Napoleon’s head.

Standing, Napoleon placed his hands on top of his head. Illya attempted to stand but his ribs that only hurt before were now cracked if not broken. The recovering guards grabbed Kuryakin and held him between them to prevent him from falling from the pain. The American was forced back to the wall and shackled to it. Before they could begin, the chieftain’s gloating over the capture of the two top UNCLE agents was cut short when a messenger told him he had a phone call.

“I’ll be back gentlemen. Perhaps, thinking about what will happen when I return will loosen your tongue.” With that, he turned leaving with his men following him as they dropped the Russian to the floor.

As Napoleon watched as his partner crawled to the cot and said, “Hopefully our rescuers appear before he returns,” Illya said.

The American raised his eyebrow, “I couldn’t agree more.”


Following the tracers, Jo and Jimmy discovered that the men were in the basement of the Go-go. They had waited in Jo’s room until everyone was gone for the evening, before they crossed the dance floor heading towards the club’s office. With no sound coming from the office, they checked for alarms and finding none entered it. In the back they found a hidden door behind a false set of drapes.

passageJimmy disconnected the alarms attached to the door then opened it allowing them to enter the passageway leading downstairs

The quiet continued as they descended into the lower areas of the building towards the sub-basement where Thrush usually placed their cells.

As they reached the lowest level, they met one guard, who they quickly knocked out and hid in an empty room. Although they saw a few others, they were able to avoid them without a confrontation. Looking in one cell after another all where empty until the last one where the missing agents were located.

“Rise and shine,” Jimmy called though the bars as Jo placed a small piece of plastic explosive in the lock. Sparks flew and the door opened.

“Nice accommodations you two have,” she commented as they entered the cell.

After releasing Napoleon from the wall, she handed him his gun that they had picked up from the office on the way down and Illya received his from Jimmy. Kuryakin tried to stand but failed, falling once more.

"Jimmy, I want you to take my partner up and out. Jo and I will handle the things here.”

“I am FINE and do not need to be removed from here,” he managed to stand but was unsteady on his feet.

Taking his chin in her hands, she turned it, “Not playing well with others again?”

Her brother pulled his head back, “Funny. I can handle this.” He insisted.

The CEA didn’t pull rank often but knew there was no way Illya would be able to help them. “Out now Kuryakin and that’s an order. Jo, come with me.”

Turning, he headed toward the direction everyone had entered from.

Russian profanity followed them from the cell.

“He is not happy.” Jo pointed out unnecessarily.

“He’s hurt no matter what he says. We can plant a few explosives, grab the files, and catch Naan.”

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