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The False Allegiance Affair Chapter 1/10

Napoleon and Illya need to discover why agents are dying before they even can get started on their affairs before the witness to an traitorous exchange or more agents are killed.  Thanks to yelizaverta52 for her beta work

As Illya Kuryakin lowered Jimmy McLaughlin from the beam where he was hanging, Napoleon Solo placed his gun back into his holder and did the same for Josephina Kuryakin. They had been savagely tortured by Thrush for information they didn’t have. The assault force stood around the two top agents holding the injured agents as the medics brought in the stretcher.

Suddenly Jo grabbed Napoleon’s gun aiming it at one of the rescuers. “Why Pantu? Why?” She moaned in pain.

The rest of the force aimed at Jo while Brad Pantu stared at her.gun 2

“Lower your guns,” Napoleon ordered everyone. “Jo give me back my gun. You’re barely able to hold it straight much less fire it.”

“We were betrayed Napoleon. Only a few people knew where we were. Although it was very dark in this cell, one time the light from the hall lit the corner of it where the person directing the interrogation was standing. I saw you Brad,” she said raising the gun higher in his direction.

“Pantu?” Napoleon asked.

“She’s crazy. How can you believe her?” The traitor said moved back raising his own gun.

The rest of the team wasn’t sure whom to aim at looking toward their CEA.

“A gun,” Jimmy demanded. Illya looked toward Napoleon who nodded. After he handed him a gun, Kuryakin lifted the agent’s head helping him sit up.

“I also recognized your voice. When the guy working us over said he didn’t believe we knew anything, you said you didn’t care just kept calling for them to hurt the Russian.” Jimmy voice was low, but the shock of his statement had the team’s guns turn toward the defector.

“How can you guys stand there supporting that Commie? She and her brother have taken our rightful place in UNCLE. They’re spies who are probably selling us out daily.”

Attempting to rush toward Jo, Mark Slate and April Dancer grabbed Pantu before he could get more than a few feet.

Napoleon’s eyes turned cold with a fury seldom seen by others. “Pantu when did you sell out to Thrush?”

“Oh don’t be so surprised Napoleon. There are couple of others in headquarters that feel as I do and you’ll never find them.” Before anyone could stop him he pointed his gun toward Jo but when the shot came it was Pantu who fell.

“No one shoots my partner,” Jimmy said as he dropped the gun no longer conscious.

“Napoleon,” Jo began in a weak pain filled voice. “I think I am going to go to sleep now.”  

As she became unconscious, he caught her and his falling gun.

“Clean up that mess,” he commanded the others around him before placing Jo on the stretcher.

Illya stood next to his partner once the injured agents were removed. “We have a predicament to deal with back at headquarters. Waverly is going to be very unhappy.”

“Oh that is putting it nicely. Let’s finish up here then break the news to the old man.” Napoleon looked at his partner knowing they were in for some very long days.


The debriefing was intense with everyone in the room on edge. Waverly had filled then lit his pipe a number of times a sure sign that he was angry.imagesCAX4J11T

“Tell me again what Pantu said,” he demanded of his CEA.

There were a couple of other in headquarters that feel as he did, and we'll never find them."  

“Are you sure he wasn’t just saying it as an idol threat?” William Evans, the head of Section Five asked. His second, John Ritter, nodded his agreement. Security inside of UNCLE was their responsibility, and he didn’t like the idea that there were Thrush agents within the ranks of UNCLE headquarters.

Illya spoke up for the first time during the meeting. “Mr. Evans. The man was trying to kill my sister and her partner. I do not believe he was into idol threats at that moment.”

“I believe Mr. Evans just meant could you have misunderstood him?” Ritter said.

Napoleon rapidly stood placing his hands on the table but before he could speak, Waverly spoke.

“Gentlemen, we aren’t here to doubt one another. Obviously Pantu was up to something and we need to take his threats seriously. Mr. Solo resume your seat. How are Miss Kuryakin and Mr. McLaughlin?”

“The doctor said one week of medical, then a few weeks of desk duty and rehab therapy before they should be able to return to the field,” Napoleon answered still giving Evans a cold stare.

“Good now down to business. This revelation may have some bearing on a recent upswing in incidents that have resulted in the deaths and injuring of a number of agents.”

“Sir?” Although Napoleon knew a number of agents had been ambushed recently, he had been on his own assignment then led the rescue of Jo and Jimmy. Because of this he hadn’t had time to examine the problem yet.

“Mr. Evans, if you would update Mr. Solo and Kuryakin.”

The Section Five chief handed each man a file. “Mr. Ritter prepared this summary of the last three months assignments. I’ve also included figures from the previous quarters. You’ll see that we’ve had an increase in attacks on our agents who are either just arriving or have just recently arrived at their assignments.”

Napoleon looked over at his partner who had finished looking over the numbers and whistled. “Over a 250% increase in death and injuries in the last three months? Have you rechecked these numbers?”

“Mr. Kuryakin, I do know my job,” Evans spit back at him.

“Gentlemen this internal squabbling is getting us nowhere. We have knowledge that there are Thrush agents in our organization. I’d suggest that we work together to eliminate this problem. Mr. Solo and Kuryakin you’ll examine the files of the last three months failed affairs and see if you can find out what went wrong in each case. Mr. Evans you’ll go over the staff looking for inconsistencies in our people. Dismissed.”

As the men left the office Kuryakin placed his hand on Evans arm and when Ritter started to move toward his chief, the chill of Illya’s eyes had him stopping.

“The torture of two of our agents is not an idol threat.” The frost in his voice made it clear that another such statement would not be appreciated.

Illya walked toward his office while Napoleon was stopped by Evans, “I think your partner just threatened me. I don’t appreciate his attitude.”

“No Evans, Illya didn’t threaten you. Just letting you know you’re walking on thin ice with him. He doesn’t threaten, he just does.” With that Napoleon left the Section V head watching him walk away.


Two weeks later:

Slamming the group of files down on the desk, Napoleon, CEA, Number One Section Two was fuming, “We’ve been over these at least a dozen times and found nothing. I’m willing to accept one incident as bad luck, two maybe as consequences but with five occurrences I agree with Mr. Waverly someone is giving out information. However we haven’t been able to come up with one clue as to how they’re doing it. Any other ideas?”

Illya, second in command of Section Two watched his partner. He knew his frustration as he felt it too. They had spent the last month on this assignment and hadn't gotten any hints as to what was happening plus they had no action except for going over paperwork.

“Look we are getting nowhere fast. Why not go to the gym, take out our aggression with some physical exercise and put this up for the rest of the day. Going over it repeatedly is not getting us anyplace. Perhaps that will help us look at it differently. We have been inactive much too long. ”

Section Two agents hated inactivity and the last month had been boring. Except for Jo’s and Jimmy’s rescue there was no action anywhere by Thrush or any of the other organizations that usually caused them trouble.

They had been giving demonstrations for the new agents on hand to hand combat, shooting and anything else Waverly could think of help keep them out of trouble while they worked on the assignment of uncovering the leak.

Of course Illya’s explosive demonstration had gone a little wild causing the only excitement they had all month.

As they headed toward the gym, Napoleon grinned. After the exercise in the gym, he had a date with Jo. Maybe a little time with her would help him clear his head but at the least it would hopefully result in another kind of workout.alex141


Josephina Kuryakin entered the massage area of the gym fresh from a shower, “Hi Sven, I am here for my torture session.”

“Miss Kuryakin,” Sven Ruud said with mock frustration, “Don’t say things like that, you’ll give these new agents the wrong idea.”

She recognized the three agents sitting there from the knife demonstration she had just completed a while ago. Winking at them she said, “Do not worry guys, he only tortures experienced Section Two agents. You newbies he likes to lull into a false sense of security.”

“Miss Kuryakin! You’re early.”

She smiled at him, “I finished the demonstration early and this appointment does not give me enough time to start anything new. So I was wondering if you have an empty room I could rest in until you are ready for me.”

“Ah, you didn’t wish for the medical staff to see that you need some rest.”

“Now Sven, if you do not mention this, I will not find it necessary to tell anyone about the last party you were at.”

“Miss Kuryakin!”

Jo grinned at him. It was a game they played, but both respected the other skills and professionalism.

“You can use the second room from the end and please stop trying to scare my clients.”

With a wink at the new agents and a small laugh, she headed toward the room.

Chapter 2 http://jkkitty.livejournal.com/36089.html

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