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The False Allegiance Affair Chapter 2/10

Napoleon and Illya need to discover why agents are dying before they even can get started on their affairs before the witness to an traitorous exchange or more agents are killed.  Thanks to yelizaverta52 for her beta work  

The sounds of the waves lapping the shore, dim lights, and pleasant smell of lavender quickly had Jo falling asleep while waiting her turn.chapter 2

She woke to the sound of shouting and loud voices in the last room.

"Did you do as you were ordered?" Demanded an angry voice.

"That's what you pay me for isn't it?" Came an equally enraged answer.

She recognized Sam Bell's voice, the assistance director in filing but the other voice was unfamiliar so she continued to listen silently.

"The reports were supposed to have the changes made already; however, some of them aren't yet. Why?" The unknown voice said. There was a grating sound to it.

"I need to be careful or nothing will be done." Bell whined.

"You've been paid now get it done! When Waverly sends Solo and Kuryakin to investigate the new Thrush plant in Russia,Central wantsthem to have no idea that the data is incorrect."

"Look I'll make changes as soon as I can, then I'm out of it. " Bell seemed to be standing up to the other person.

"Once we get rid of Solo and that commie partner of his we won't need you anymore, then and only then, will you be done."

"What about the sister?"

"Oh we have someone very anxious to have a word with her. Don't the time we are done UNCLE will have no commies working for them."

Jo could hear them leaving and hurrying to the door to see Bell walking out the door but not whohe had been talking to. She didn't think he saw her, so she quickly pulledon her jeans and turtleneck. Sliding on her shoes, she ran out the door.

"Miss Kuryakin where do you think you're going? I was just getting to you." Sven called out after her.

"Have to see someone immediately. Do not worry I will come back for my torture session at another time."

As she opened the door, a dart hit her in the neck from a corner of the hall, "Proklyatie, they did see me," she said sliding to the floor unconscious.


Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin were just dressing after working off some the boredom when the alarms began to scream.

"It seems like we don't have the rest of the day off partner," Napoleon said pulling his gun as they ran toward Waverly's office.

"And you are surprised? Thrush has been lying low this last they are launching whatever they have been cooking up." Illya suggested.

"We can only hope partner. One more pile of paperwork and I had intended to go out and stir up trouble."

An overhead announcement demanded their immediate presence in medical had them turning quickly and heading toward it.


Ruud had pulled the dart out immediately after hitting the alarm. Medical was next to the massage area and Jo was quickly taken to a room.

The doctor took one look at her ordering "Get some blood drawn so we can see what the toxicant is."

Checking her over he saw that her pulse was irregular and slowing down dangerously, her breathing was getting difficult, and she was beginning to swell all over.

"Let's get IV of Normal Saline going full open, hook up the oxygen and have the ventilator set to go if we need it and check out her electrolytes. Let's also get a heart monitor on her."

A few minutes later the lab tech ran in with the results, "Digoxin overdose!"

Waverly, who was in Medical checking on another agent looked down at Josephina who was still unconscious. She was beginning to respond to the epinephrinethe doctor had administered to speed up her heart.

"Thank goodness Mr. Ruud pulled out the dart, the overdose of digoxin could have stopped her heart," the doctor report to him looking at the results the lab tech handed him.

chapter 2c"Now that we know what the drug was, we'll give some DibiFab (Digoxin Immune Fab) and counteract the medication. Whoever darted her was going for the quick death."

Illya and Napoleon joined Waverly in Jo's room. She slowly opened her eyes to see everyone looking down at her. "What happened?"

"That's what we would like to know, Miss Kuryakin. Why would someone chance attempting to kill you in headquarters?"

With a nod to her, the men glance waiting in silence.

With a shrug, she repeated what she had overheard in the treatment room and the fact she thought she hadn't been spotted.

"It seems gentlemen, Miss Kuryakin was discovered. I won't have my agents attacked in headquarters. You've been working on it a monthand nothing has come to light. Now, what are you going to do about it?"


Napoleon and Illya took two security officers with them to Bell's office. Seeing them enter, Sam grabbed a gun from his drawer and began to wave it around.

"Stay right there. I'm not going anyplace with you guys."

"Put the gun down. We're not here to hurt you, but you have to come with us," Napoleon tried to talk him down.

"Why would I believe you? Your Russian lover is no better than Thrush. Waverly and you have brought this organization down by bringing in commies and now you want to bring the rest of the agents down with you. I won't let it happen." He raised his gun toward Illya pulling the trigger.

Seeing where he was aiming, Napoleon pushed his partner behind a desk and returned the fire as he followed him down. His shot killed Bell on the spot.

Waverly walked in the room after he was assured it was clear looking at Bell on the floor, "You couldn't have wounded him Mr. Solo instead of killing him?"

Napoleon took the reproach as he helped his partner up. "Sorry sir. I was diving behind a desk at the same time."chapter2b

"Search his desk and belongings to see if we can find out what he was up to," Waverly ordered the security detail as he waved his top agents to follow him.

"Gentlemen I want whoever was working with Bell and a stop put to this plot. Do whatever you need to and do it now."

"Sir, I believe we need to go back to the where a few of these occurrences happened and examine the sites ourselves."

"Then do it Mr. Solo and do it now before we have any other deaths." Waverly seldom showed it but it was clear, that now, he was furious.

"The attacks that make the least sense are the ones in Arizona, Louisiana, and West Virginia as our agents had just arrived when they were shot down. We'd like to check them out," Napoleon suggested.

"Just get to the bottom of our problem." Waverly dismissed the agents.

As they began to walk out, Illya turned around. "What about Miss Kuryakin sir. She will be in the line of fire until we find the other Thrush agent."

"Yes, you're correct. said if she's stable she can leave medical in twelve hours, then we'll move her to a safe house with her partner, Mr. McLaughlin. That should keep them out of trouble and safe."

"Thank you sir." Illya said following his partner out.

Napoleon and Illya walked with Jo as she headed toward the cab waiting in the garage. She had argued with them about the unnecessary precaution but hadn't persuaded them to change their mind.

"Waverly wants you to stay put. Do it. You'll need some time to recover and get stronger. Hopefully it will only be for a week or so. " Napoleon warned her as he helped her into the cab. Then he turned to Jimmy.

"Your job is to keep her safe. Do whatever you must to ensure she does." He kissed her closing the door.                                                              Chapter 1  http://jkkitty.livejournal.com/35690.html                                                                                                                                                                          chapter 3 http://jkkitty.livejournal.com/36726.html

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