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A Drabble a Day Discussions of life: The Computer (Double Drabble)

Napoleon entered Illya’s apartment to find it filled of boxes and the Russian with a rare full grin on his face.

“What’s this?” he asked pointing to the mess.

“Waverly asked me to test this out,” his partner answered running his hands over a machine, admiration in his eyes.

“And that is?” Napoleon asked pointing to a box approx. 2w×2d×1h feet with a protruding keyboard sitting on Illya’s desk.

“A prototype of a Datapoint 2200 home computer with a built-in full keyboard, 80-column monitor screen, and two cassette tapes drives each with 130 kilobytes capacity.” The excitement could be heard in his voice.computer

“And you do what with it?”

“I am going to test it out by doing things from home for the research department.”

“Wonderful, now I’ll never get you out of this apartment. You do remember we had plans for tonight?”

Looking guilty, “I sorry I did not remember. I promised Mr. Waverly I would do some data tests tonight. Can we do it another night?”

He knew he could get Illya to keep his promise, but his partner’s heart wouldn’t be in it.

“Sure partner.”

The smile on the Russian’s face made up for Napoleon’s disappointment.

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