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The False Allegiance Affair Chapter 5/10

Napoleon and Illya need to discover why agents are dying before they even can get started on their affairs before the witness to a traitorous exchange or more agents are killed.  Thanks to yelizaverta52 for her beta work

Chapter 5

They had arrived at West Virginia late the evening before after finishing up in Louisiana and dchapter 5ecided to stay in Morgantown instead Albright, West Virginia which was 18 miles away. Magaro and Grey had been found floating in the Cheat River. The rocky mountainous ground surrounding it gave no clue as to what had happened to them before they were shot and dumped.

Napoleon was looking over the copy of the agents report again with a cup of coffee in his hands. The pictures and facts included in the report matched what knew about the site they had taken out after the deaths of each set of agents. He was still attempting to figure out why the original set of agents would go to the wrong location. Looking up he saw his partner in the door way.

“It has to be in the reports.”

“You’re right.” Thinking about it he said, “Illya most agents keep copies of their field notes, right?”

“For the most part,” he answered seeing where his partner was going.

“Let’s have the original notes from the agents that reported the sighting of the Thrush carrier and compare them to the reports found in the murdered agents’ belongings and also the official report. I have a feeling we’re getting close to what is happening.”

They reported their beliefs to Waverly that someone was messing with the filed reports. The Old Man said it would take until the next morning before the paperwork could be gathered without making anyone aware of the collection. So they decided before they went back to New York they would see where the agents had been found.

They drove in silence to the site. It was hard to believe that the peaceful waterfall, beautiful blue mountains and green forest was the back drop for the agents’ death.

After examining the site, they headed toward the motel the men had stayed in. Once more it reminded Napoleon of Norman Bates’ motel, broken down and out of the way. After introducing themselves, they asked questions and looked over the room. Right before they left. Napoleon went back in and asked the one question no one asked before.

“Who paid for the rooms?” It had dawned on him that UNCLE hadn’t received a bill for them.

“Just got a call reserving it. Some young kid dropped off cash the next day.”

“Could you identify him?” Illya asked.

“Just a street kid. They’re all the same.”

“Thanks anyways,” Napoleon led the way to the car.


As they reached the car, a falling stone had them diving behind the car.

“Third suit this week,” Napoleon complained pulling himself up and grabbing his gun.

Whoever was firing at them was in front and on the passenger side of the car so Kuryakin moved slowly around the driver’s side while Solo kept them pinned down. When he hit the front door, Illya opened it sliding in. Turning the key in the starter, he released an array of weapons.

He pushed a button quickly sending a spread of bullets in the general direction of their attackers. The silence that replaced the gunfire was deafening. Carefully the UNCLE agents approached the site where Thrush had hidden. Two men were down both dead. They could hear the others running through the woods.

Illya looked at his partner and the retreating gunmen.

“No, leave them go. I’m getting tired of people knowing where we are and ambushing us. It’s time to end this now.” Napoleon said with determination.


After the clean-up crew collected the bodies, the UNCLE agents headed back to New York. As it was late at night by the time they got back, they caught a couple of hours sleep before going in to headquarters.

Thb 2e requested files, agent’s notes, and original reports were locked in their office. It took only a few hours to discover that the original report and agents notes didn’t match the copies of the reports that the dead agents received from records. Someone had switched the location of the sighting. This allowed them to set up the ambushes and death of the six agents.

How many other deaths were caused by this traitor, they wondered?


Waverly was livid. Someone not only sold out to Thrush but had set up and killed his agents before attempting to kill Josephina Kuryakin in headquarters because of the discussion she had overheard. Now he received a report that two other agents who had just arrived at their destination were ambushed and in serious condition.

He felt it was a personal attack on him, and intended to end it immediately.

Now that they knew how it was being done, all current assignment files would need to be rechecked and any secondary reports to be followed up on checked against the agents notes. This left the question as to who was changing the information.

Evans, Ritter, Kuryakin, Solo, Waverly and Heather, his secretary, were in the conference room. “Let’s go through the process used for reports and see how the process works.” Heather suggested.

“Mr. Solo,” Waverly indicated he should begin.

“Okay. The agent or agents involved write up the report from their field notes.” A clearing of the throat beside him had Napoleon giving his partner a look that said not funny.

“After WE finish writing it up, unless WE type it, we assign a level of importance and hand it to our secretaries to type up. After a report is finished, they give it back to the agent for final approval before it’s forward to myself to examine. I either send it back to the submitting agent to make corrections or sign it off or place it in my outbox to be hand delivered to you, sir.”

“Miss McNab, when the secretaries receive the agent’s report for typing?” Waverly asked.

“It depends. Most agents have a secretary assigned to them. I have confirmed the three files you questioned weren’t typed by the same secretary sir. After we type them up, they’re once more hand delivered back to the agents.”

“And this transfer is overseen by Section Five,” Illya said looking at Evans who shot an unhappy look back at him.

“My agents are assigned depending on the level of the charts. I verified that the three reports were picked up and delivered by different people. After you approve them sir, we deliver them to Records for filing.”

Waverly said. “I’ve been informed that Mr. Bell was the man who secured these files in Records, explaining how they could have been altered.”

“There is someone else. Miss Kuryakin stated she heard two voices,” Napoleon was tapping his pencil on the table with frustration.

“Miss Kuryakin was sleeping and thought there were voices on waking up. Perhaps what she overheard was just Bell speaking on a phone,” Evans wasn’t happy that Solo and Kuryakin were still trying to indicate he wasn’t doing his job of ensuring the safety of the building.

Biting each word as he said it, Illya said, “Someone is still here. My sister did not dream it or mistake a phone for a person. Also, would you care to tell me how if only a few trusted people knew where Napoleon and I were going to be, we were attacked almost immediately when we arrived?”

“Perhaps you weren’t as careful as you thought.” Evans suggested.1233521_560124640702431_2069174165_n

Napoleon grabbed Illya as he began to shoot out of his chair, pulling him down but raising himself while Evans did the same. Soon Kuryakin and Ritter were standing beside their partners.

“GENTLEMEN! I won’t have this office become a back alley.” Waverly glared at each man in turn until they sat down.

“Mr. Evans, Mr. Solo and Kuryakin are correct. There is at least one more spy in our mists. I want that person or people caught now. You’ll work together to find these infiltrators. Mr. Evans and Mr. Ritter, I want a list of all the men who were in house the day Miss Kuryakin was attacked. You’re dismissed to compile it immediately.”

“It could be a low voiced woman after all Kuryakin heard it while waking up,” Ritter said his voice grating on Napoleon’s nerves.

Waverly shook his head, “Fine make a list of everyone then began narrowing it down. Who was where that can be proven. I want it as soon as possible.”

As the men stood to leave, “Mr. Solo and Kuryakin, you’ll remain.”

Orecol057nce the door was closed, he scowled at his top enforcement agents. “I expect you to set an example of acceptable behavior for the other agents. I won’t accept anything less from you.”

Both men looked down. He was correct. They let their frustrations get the best of them.

“We apologize sir. This affair is just going nowhere.”

Waverly sighed. “I agree gentlemen. It’s time to put an end to it. I want you to bring in Miss Kuryakin. We’ll have her listen to the staff. With any luck she’ll recognize the voice she heard and that will be our only mole.”

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