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The False Allegiance Affair Chapter 7/10

Napoleon and Illya need to discover why agents are dying before they even can get started on their affairs before the witness to a traitorous exchange or more agents are killed.  Thanks to yelizaverta52 for her beta work

Chapter 7

Although covered with bruises and cuts, the edge of the door caused a deep six inch cut across the middle of her back. Using steri-strips in the kit, he pulled the skin back together and covered it with a four by four. Then Illya gave her an injection of the morphine from the kit.

“That should help eliminate some of the scaring. How are you doing now Jo?” Napoleon asked after helping her rest against to him. He placed his jacket over her hoping to keep her warm and stop the shock from getting worse.

“I’ve been firebombed, swallowed smoke, shot at, crashed into a tree and hit by a flying door. What the heck to you think?” Jo shot back at him.

For a moment he didn’t answer, then smiled.

“You think this is funny Solo?” she asked angry.

“No but I have an idea. I think you’re hurt so severely that it has you unconscious. We need a helicopter to take you out with only trusted agents on board seeing that right before the car exploded you realized who the voice was you heard.”

“I am not and did not,” Jo corrected him.

Pulling out his communicator, he requested Channel D be scrambled grinning at her.tiger120

“You’re report Mr. Solo?” Waverly answered than added, “Is there a reason this communication is scrambled?”

“Sir, I believe the mole has found some way to listen in to our standard transmissions. They knew we were coming to get her and Miss Kuryakin was under attacked before we arrived. I’d like to set a trap using her as bait.”

“Miss Kuryakin, what do you have to say?”

“I need this over so whatever works is fine with me.”

With the statement Illya gave her a look that said he didn’t agree with whatever was going to happen next if it put her in more danger than she already was. Jo ignored him waiting to see what Napoleon planned.

“Well Mr. Solo what’s your plan?”

“I’m going to call back over our standard channel in a few minutes…” He explained his plan to everyone before signing off.

No one said anything for a minute.

Illya glanced at his sister saying, “You do realize there is a chance this could get you killed?”

“I cannot live in hiding any longer."

“We’ll protect Jo as much as possible. If we don’t bring this to an end, others will die.”

Napoleon knew Illya was hurting with the idea that he could lose his sister as much as he was, but it was now or the death toll would continue to grow.

“If it was anyone else, you would not be so concerned,” Jo accused him.

Illya knew it was true but knowing this could end poorly for her made him more cautious than normal him than normal.

Napoleon opened his channel again knowing the mole was probably listening. Waverly answered, imagesCAJ5OI5O“Your report Mr. Solo.”

“Sir we were ambushed. Miss Kuryakin has been seriously hurt and unconscious. I’m requesting a helicopter piloted by Mr. Slate and Miss Dancer as an extra pair of hands. And sir, right before she became unconscious she said that she knows who the other voice was.”

“Mr. Slate will be there in twenty minutes. Can you hold out till then?”

“Yes sir. I’ll leave my pen open so he can pinpoint our location. There’s a road close by that he can land on. Have him hurry sir; I’m not sure how much time Miss Kuryakin has.”

“Just be at the pick-up point,” with that Waverly clicked off.


The Thrush agents tramped through the woods close to where the U.N.C.L.E. were hiding, making no effort to be quiet. Then there was the chirp of a communicator.

“Yea, Sommers here.”

“Get out of there. They’re bringing Kuryakin in severely injured. Waverly sent a helicopter for her. Watch for it and make sure they didn’t lie about her condition. I’ll see she taken care of here.” The voice Jo had overheard while in the massage room said.

“What about Solo and his partner? Central would give us good size bonus if we kill them.”

“Do as you’re ordered. We have plans for them in Russia, just pull out now.”

“But….” Sommers wasn’t ready to give up the reward Thrush might give him.

“Either follow orders or deal with the consequents.” With that the communicator was disconnected.

“You heard him, we’ll head back now.” Sommers was visibly unhappy with the situation but knew his contact would kill him if he disobeyed orders. More than one of his co-workers had suffered that fate.


imagesCAWBWFZMSlate landed the helicopter in the middle of the road. Dancer jumped out gun in hand to add protection to the agents hurrying from the woods.

From the side of the road Sommers could see Napoleon carrying Jo to the copter, her head falling back over his arm, eyes closed.

Napoleon looked down at the bundle in his arms. He could see Jo biting her lips to avoid moaning in pain, but she stayed perfectly still. The morphine and shock were sending her slowly into unconsciousness.

Illya hopped into the copter and took Jo from his partner’s arms. Once she was safely secured, Napoleon and Dancer hopped in and Mark took off quickly.

“I thought you guys were faking it,” April said.

“She went into shock from her injuries. Get us to headquarters immediately, won’t you Mark.”

“You blokes hang on,” the copter took off quickly and as smoothly as he could make it.


“She’s on her way. From the looks on Solo’s and Kuryakin’s faces I think she’s not doing well.” Sommers reported to his contact.

“We’ll see she doesn’t make it from this end. Stand by for further orders.”


In the copter, April raised Jo’s feet while Illya spread extra blankets over her to keep her warm. Having her on her back helped keep slow down any of the bleeding from the back wound. Napoleon held her hand taking quietly in her ear over the noise caused by the flight.

“What happened? I thought you three were okay,” April asked as she checked Jo’s pulse.

“I believe my sister was hurt more than she let on.” The only thing Illya said on the flight to headquarters.


When the copter landed on the roof, Dr. Towers and a few select members of his staff met it. Jo was quickly taken to medical where a saline I.V. of was started. He also administered epinephrine to stable her blood pressure and pulse.

The agents were surprised to see Waverly standing in the doorway as Jo was stabilized.

“Mr. Solo I thought you said she was okay.” The Section One leader said.

“She suddenly went into shock sir.”

“So do you have another plan?”

“I can do it,” Jo said as she opened her eyes.

“No Miss Kuryakin, I refused to allow you out of my medical until you’re fit.” Dr. Towers stated.

imagesI need her to stop this mole now!”

“Mr. Waverly, I’m in charge here.”

“And I’m in charge of this Headquarters. This situation is too serious to put off. I need Miss Kuryakin now.”

Napoleon, Illya and the nurse stepped out in the hall while the two men argued about what would or wouldn’t happen.

After a few minutes, Jo began to get out of bed.

“And where do you think you’re going?” the doctor demanded of her.

“I am well enough to make my own decisions and will finish what I started.” Jo glared at the men. It wasn’t hard to see she was forcing herself to stand with every ounce of energy she had.

Towers turned to Waverly. “She stays in a wheelchair at all times, and my nurse remains with her. One sign that she’s worsening, and she’s back in this room. As soon as this is finished you’re back here, is that understood?”

“Whatever you say Doctor. Now may I please have some clothes? I do not think this hospital gown is a standard Section Two uniform,” she said as she sat back down to avoid the men noticing she had very little energy left.

“From my point of view, it should be,” Doctor Towers said more to himself than anyone else as good Section Two agents spent a lot of time in them.

“Get her some clothes,” he growled as he walked out into the hallway where the agents were waiting. “And make sure to get this over quickly. I want her back in that bed as soon as possible.”

Illya headed toward Jo’s locker and extra set of clothes while Napoleon reentered the room.

“Mr. Solo. See to it she’s in a wheelchair before she leaves this room,” Waverly said. “And make sure you stay in it, Miss Kuryakin. I don’t want to listen to Dr. Towers telling me ‘I told you so.’”

After Waverly left Napoleon grinned at Jo, “He’s not use to having anyone tell him what to do. Illya went for your clothes.”

“I just hope this works and we find out who the mole or moles are. Do not tell the doctor, but I really do not feel well.”

“I heard that,” Illya had entered with her clothes. “Are you sure you can do this without making your condition worse?”

Ignoring the question, she reached out for her clothes. “Just do your part of this scam.”      

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