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The False Allegiance Affair Chapter 8/10

Napoleon and Illya need to discover why agents are dying before they even can get started on their affairs before the witness to a traitorous exchange or more agents are killed.  Thanks to yelizaverta52 for her beta work

Chapter 8

Around the table were nine men ordered by Waverly to appear waiting for him to explain the reason they were called there. Along the back wall were a number of members of Section Two and Three almost leaning against the wall.

"What are my men doing here Solo? I didn't assign anyone to whatever this meeting is about." Security Chief Evans demanded. He was tired of Solo overriding his authority.

"I ordered them here. We have a major problem, and someone from this group is in the thick of it. Mr. Solo proceed." Waverly said looking at each person round the table.

Napoleon also looked at each person. "Someone in this room has been giving Thrush information about our affairs, substituting forged documents for Section Two reports before turning the original documents over to our enemy and is responsible for a number of our agents being killed." He stopped allowing the group to take in what he had said.

Voices were raised and denials shouted out. Evan was silent but his body tightened against the events he knew were going to unfold in a few minutes.

"You men are the only ones who couldn't be found on surveillance cameras throughout napoleon 27headquarters when Miss Kuryakin overheard the conversation between two traitors."

"I knew a Kuryakin was involved in this mess. You'll go out of your way for them every time won't you Solo. This whole thing is a bunch of crap, and you know it." Evans stood anger on his face.

His outburst had the room growing quiet as most of the agents didn't want to be associated with such openly negative feelings toward another agent. Section 1 was not known for accepting prejudgmental comments in their ranks.

In the silence that followed Evans noticed the look on Waverly's face. He knew he may have just forfeited his future with UNCLE as the Regional Chief had no tolerance for negative comment about others from his people. Section 1 wanted everyone to have if not a non-judgmental attitude toward others at least to be tolerant of each other.

Napoleon took a deep breath, facing the man, rage flowing from his face. "I'd think you of all people would want to discover our moles as you're security here." Each word enunciated with clinched teeth.

The surrounding agents stiffen at the interactions between the two men waiting for a physical explosion.


Jo sat in her wheelchair in a small room off the conference room. The room allowed anyone using it a head set to hear and speak to those in the room. With a one sided window to see the proceedings without the participants knowing they were there, allowed the person to be safely involved in the meeting.

The nurse, Jasmine, was sitting next to her unable to hear what was happening but could see into the room. She noticed that her patient was barely able to stay upright in the chair but refusing to budge from the spot before the window.

'Yes I'll keep a good watch on Kuryakin and if needed take the necessary steps.' Jasmine thought to herself smiling. 'It is what I was trained for."


"Stand down," Waverly said toward the room in general. "Mr. Solo please continue. Mr. Evans we'll recol057discuss your viewpoints at another time."

"Each of you will identify where you were at the times of the alarm." Napoleon began than looked at Evans even though he doubted he was the mole. They all had had run-ins with him before, and Jo knew his voice well. "You might as well go first Williams seeing you have so much to say on the subject."

Illya hid a smirk at Napoleon's comment behind his hand.

"If you must know I was in the bathroom when the alarms went off. I got there as fast as I could, but things were already under control by Mr. Waverly and you two." He raged.

"Thanks you Evans." He then called on each of the men in no specific order. After each one spoke Jo would speak into Illya's ear buds that it wasn't the voice she had heard.

"John your whereabouts?" Napoleon was almost done with the men in the room and hoped that it was one of the remaining men or he had no idea what to try next.

"I think I was heading toward the cafeteria." Ritter replied softly.

"Illya have him speak again," a whisper in his ear said.

"I am sorry Mr. Ritter. What did you say?" Illya spoke for the first time during the meeting.

A yell of derʹmo (damn) pierced Illya's ear buds causing him to jump up. "Take that man into custody," he yelled heading toward the where Jo was, pulling out his special as he ran.


As each man explained his location, Jo listened intently not finding the voice she had heard that day. Only three more to go and then where to go from there.

When Ritter started to speak, her eyes narrowed as she sat up straighter. Jasmine moved closer to Jo when she saw her reaction to the voice.

"Illya have him speak again," she said excitement tinting her voice.

She knew she should have seen it coming, but she had to be honest, she wasn't expecting it. The flimagesash of the knife was visible right before it entered her side only giving her a second to move thereby causing it to miss her heart.

"Derʹmo," Jo screamed into the microphone as she attempted to wrestle the knife away from her nurse. As she managed to get hold of the blade the door crashed open with Napoleon and Illya, guns drawn, racing in. Outside the alarms were blaring.

"Stop right there," Napoleon commanded.

Illya grabbed the knife from the nurse while pulling her off his sister. Next, Mr. Waverly and Dr. Towers hurried into the room.

doctor"I knew it," Towers loudly declared angry. "I let a Section Two out of Medical, and they come back in worse shape than when they left."

Silence followed the outburst as Jasmine was taken out by members of the security team.

Chapter 7 http://mfu-scrapbook.livejournal.com/859015.html

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