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The False Allegiance Affair Chapter 9/10

Napoleon and Illya need to discover why agents are dying before they even can get started on their affairs before the witness to a traitorous exchange or more agents are killed.  Thanks to yelizaverta52 for her beta work

Chapter 9

“I did not get out of the wheelchair,” Jo said softly.

“You what!” the doctor demanded.

“I said, I followed your orders and did not get out of the wheelchair.”

A chuckle escaped Napoleon lips, followed by one from Illya and then it grew as other members of the group joined in.

“Well that’s all well and good. Let’s get you back to Medical and see to the damage,” Towers tried doctor (2)to get control of the situation again.

“First I need to hear his voice again,” Jo told him holding pressure to her side.

“You’re bleeding in my wheelchair. Now!”

“Dr. Towers Miss Kuryakin is right. It will only take a minute. She needs to make a firm identification then she will be all yours.” Waverly stepped in.

The glare given by the doctor let him know how he felt about the order, but he followed the group into the conference room.

“Mr. Ritter repeat your location for Miss Kuryakin.” Waverly ordered the surrounded man.

Ritter knew he was discovered. UNCLE wasn’t known for mercy to agents who were responsible for the deaths of their men.

“You two are fools. Why would you think UNCLE would accept a couple of commies with open arms just because the old coot ordered it? Thrush doesn’t care about your nationality or political beliefs. With your skills the two of you would’ve made it to the top.” He continued to yell as the security team pulled him from the room.

After the door slid shut, Waverly had everyone return to their seats.

“Dr. Towers take your patient back to medical and assess her condition. Gentlemen thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter. You’re all free to go back to your respected departments.   Solo, Kuryakin, and Evans I’d like a word with you.”

The room emptied leaving just the four men. They sat in silence while Waverly filled his pipe. After it was lit, he looked at the men in front of him.


“Mr. Evans, Mr. Ritter was your second and transferred in from London at your request. You vouched for him, how did this happen?”

Evans knew it was his animosity of the Kuryakins that had him lowering his guard. Ritter had been a kindred spirit with his hatred of all commies. He straightened up and admitted what the other men already knew.

“It’s was my blind dislike of anything Russian sir. He seemed to understand and support my feelings. I now see how this allowed his betrayal to happen. I’ll have my resignation on your desk immediately.” Evans glanced at Illya. “I’m sorry.”

Waverly was looking his two top agents when Illya spoke. “Sir, if I may. Mr. Evans has taken UNCLE security to one of the highest levels ever. He could not know his second had sold out behind his back. I believe allowing him to leave his position would seriously impact UNCLE safety.”

“You’re advocating me after how nasty I was to you?” Evans sputtered.

Napoleon felt a surge of pride in his partner. He knew how often Evans had given the Russian a hard time, but Illya was right. Evans was an excellent Chief of Security if he would change his attitude toward Russians.

“Mr. Solo?”

“I agree with Illya sir. William should be given a chance to change the viewpoint he has held up to now.”

Thinking Waverly addressed Evans. “You’re actions will be monitored. Any further incidents will result in your immediate removal from your position and possibly even UNCLE. Is that understood?”

A nod of Evans head was all that was needed.

“Mr. Solo, Mr. Kuryakin I want Ritter interrogated and any other members of his group here identified and taken into custody. The nurse also.”

“Sir, I would like to be in on the questioning also. After all he was one of my men someone who I put my trust in.”

Waverly answered his ringing phone. “Yes I understand, a member of security will be there to keep an eye on her. Limit the staff who has access until we find out if anyone else is working for Thrush.”

Hanging up the phone, he saw the men waiting for him to share what he had learned.

“Miss Kuryakin will be fine. The stab wound was clean through and missed anything critical. Now back to matters at hand.” He said turning the discussion back to the present concerns.

“Mr. Solo I’ll allow you to determine who helps with the interrogation.”

The dismissal had the three men heading toward the door. “Mr. Evans, we’ll continue our discussion after I have had time to think about it.”

“Yes sir,” Evans said knowing that Waverly would be fair but harsh. It had surprised him when Kuryakin spoke for him and could only hope that it would help.

He left the conference room to find Solo and Kuryakin in a discussionalex141 in the outer office. Starting to walk past them, he stopped when Napoleon called his name.

“William, let’s go see what we can get from our captured bird,” Napoleon said as he led the way down the hall.

“Thanks for including me Napoleon. I know you didn’t have to.”

“Actually thank Illya, He’s the one who feels you should be included. I’m not sure I’m for it.” Napoleon brushed off the appreciation.

Evans stopped walking and stared at Illya, “I don’t understand. First you support me in front of everyone then you include me in this. After all I said about you and your sister, why?”

Illya had stopped to answer, “You are a good man and excellent security chief even if you have some hang downs about Russians. We need men like you in this fight.

“Hang ups,” Napoleon corrected his partner before continuing his track to detention.

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