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Prompt #33 Record Envy brings Jealousy

Prompt #33 Record

Title:  Envy brings Jealousy
Author:  Jkkitty
Rating:  G
Prompt: #33 Record
Word count 1277

This is an extension of a drabble called Envy, I did a while ago and someone asked me to expand it in the MFU 100.

Jo and April sat in the corner cafeteria booth. Both had black eyes and a broken leg. Although successful in their assignment, they did pay the price.

They overheard two secretaries in the booth behind them talking.

“I’d love to be in Section 2. Glamour, travel, and men.”

“Kuryakin and Dancer think they’re so special. I could do better them any day.”

“Just think we’d have Napoleon and Illya.”

April and Jo approached their booth on crutches.

“Ladies, you’re welcome to walk in our shoes any day.” April said.

“That is if you can walk,” Jo said as they hobbled away.


Napoleon left Waverly's office shaking his head in disbelief. He couldn’t believe what his agents were accused of but Waverly wanted him to investigate it, so he had to address the issue. He wanted neither of them to have something like this on their record and hoped it was a misunderstanding.

Searching for them, he found April and Jo in the break room laughing with a group of secretaries and support staff. Seeing his two agents among the group, he found it even harder to believe the accusations.

“Ladies,” he gave the group one of his most winning smiles. “I hope you don’t mind me interrupting your break but I need to speak to Miss Dancer and Miss Kuryakin.”

A few disappointed looks followed him, but a wink from the CEA brought smiles to the women’s faces.

“We expect details from you two,” one of the group yelled out as the two left causing the others to yell “Here, Here!”

The two agents followed Napoleon to his office slowly trying to use their canes, the only outward sign of their previous injuries, in the hall where the doctor could catch them not obeying his directions.

“What’s up?” April asked as they placed their canes against the wall and sat down. April lifted her leg onto the chair placed in front of them.

“Waverly asked me to look into a matter involving you and a complaint made against you two by a couple of secretaries. I hope to clear it up so it isn’t placed in your permanent record.”

The women looked at each other then smirked. “I told you they’d pull something else,” April said to Jo, who shrugged her shoulders.


“We had a small conversation with them last week after overhearing their comments. A little later that day we were informed by a number of secretaries they were told to refuse to do our paperwork. So we asked why. They told us that the two secretaries were telling them we had made nasty comments about their profession. After clearing up the facts, we asked their supervisor not to assign these two particular ladies our work anymore. That the work they did frequently contained errors, we didn't bring up before that day. That’s all.” April explained.

“And these complaints? What was it we were supposed to have done?”

“The complaints stated you rejected them because of their nationalities,” he said.

Jo lost her temper, “I am a Russian, commie, pinko, and I rejected someone because of their nationalities. Give me a break, how can you believe those lies?”

“Hold up, I didn’t believe the complaints and I don’t believe Mr. Waverly does either. That is why I’m handing this and not him. What was going on when I found you two earlier?”

“Just a bunch of girl talk. As Section 2 women agents we’re often avoided by the support staff.   However, because of the comments made by those two, the others are making sure we’re included in their coffee break to prove there are no hard feelings,” April explained.

“Besides, they’re hoping April or I will give them some pointers on how to get you and Illya to go out with them,” Jo added causing Napoleon to give her a sour look.

“Okay, let me inform Waverly about what I learned and see what he wants to do,” Napoleon said.


Napoleon walked into the room, and he saw the two secretaries who had made the charges on the other side of the cafeteria.

“Ladies, may I sit down?”

The two looked at his uncertainly, but when he smiled at them they were happy to have him join them.

Taking a sip of his coffee, he glanced at them. “Mr. Waverly has asked me to check into your complaints against Agents Dancer and Kuryakin. I have to admit that I don’t like to hear that any of my agents would be giving any other section a problem. So before I can decide on a corrective action, I need to speak to you and get the complete story.”

As the agents were members of Section 2, the women knew they had to be careful. They were very angry about Jo and April talking to their supervisor but Napoleon seemed to be taking their side of the issue and not Jo’s or April’s.

Kuryakin and Dancer think they’re so special because they’re members of Section 2. They listened in on our discussion and decided to hold it against us because we didn’t think they weren’t such big shots. So they used our nationality as an excuse to complain about us.” Asuka said.

“They went to our boss and told her they didn’t want us to do their assignments as we didn’t know English well enough. I couldn’t care less as I’m sure most of what is in them is made up. How dare that Russian commie and American bitch make fault accusations against us.” Pica added.

“I sorry to hear that my agents disrespected you.”

Napoleon smiled and moved closer to the two causing them to flirt openly. The women felt that they had his ear and decided to take advantage of his closeness.

“Well, just you saying that makes me feel so much better. Maybe later today we could get together for a drink,” Asuka said. She had a crush on Napoleon since the first time she saw him.

“I’ll have to double check my schedule and then maybe the three of us could go out.”

Sure that he had enough to clear his agents, he said. “But a few other questions first. I understand there have been other complaints about your work from members of my section.”   Napoleon continued to smile at the women although the smile didn’t hit his eyes.

Pica said. “Most of the Section Two agents think they are so above the rest of us. Of course we know you and Illya aren’t like that.”

“So if this is happening why haven’t you said something before?”

The women smiled, “We have our ways of getting even. But let’s not talk about this anymore. It so nice to know you understand how we are unfairly being blamed for other’s negative opinions of us.” Asuka snuggled closer to the CEA.

Napoleon pulled himself away from her, lifted his cuff link closer to his mouth and said, “Is that enough?” Listening for a moment to the bud in his ear, he smiled as a ‘yes’ came though.

“What is that?” Asuka demanded.

“Ladies, you’re requested in Mr. Waverly office. Your supervisor and he would like to have a few words with you.”

“You are no better than the rest of Section Two. We will get even Solo, just wait and see.With that the secretaries stormed out of the area.

Passing the women, Jo and April saw Napoleon of the cafeteria sitting in the corner with a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

“They didn’t seem too happy. What did you say to them? That smile says it wasn’t too nice.” April said jerked her finger toward the two who had just left before sitting down across from him while Jo slid next to him.

“You don’t have to worry about their complaints, they’ve been removed from your files,” he informed them.

“Napoleon, what did you do?” Jo asked.

“I was my sweet, charming self and asked them about what had happened. You know I’d never do anything to cause the innocent any distress.”

April glanced at Jo, who was nodding. They may never find out how he had addressed this situation. However, they knew the innocent were safe with him, but the guilty, heaven help them. 

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