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Double Standard Chapter 2

Napoleon and Illya follow up leads across the country while collecting samples of a new drug Thrush is cooking up. Napoleon finds he is having a problem with the method used to receive their information. Thanks to yelizaveta52 for her beta work.

imagesMP50WRJHThey drove up Sterling Avenue past the falling down building. Parking a few blocks from it, Napoleon changed his suit coat for a leather jacket. Illya smirked at the change. “Feeling out of place?”

“I just don’t need another lecture about my clothing budget from Mr. Waverly besides this outfit fits in more than my suit jacket. And yes I do remember your warning not to wear my suit.”

Illya grin grew as they ducked into the building across from their target. Using binoculars, they explored the inside of the building they believe Thrush was using for their lab.

“Strange. Even with the broken windows and open roof, nothing can be seen inside. I believe they’d reinforced the inside while leaving the outside as it was.” Napoleon remarked after they had examined what they could see.

“There in the upper right window” Illya pointed as a Thrush guard could be seen walking inside the area. “If there was any question I think that takes care of it. Thrush is in residence. Now what?”

“We have one advantage. Thrush doesn’t know we’re about, so I suggest that we get in quietly, get the sample and you implode the building to destroy the rest of the supply.”

“Sounds easy, any idea how to get in there without being detected?” Illya raised his eyebrows in question.
Napoleon was great for a fast plan but often short on details. “We go while it’s still dark, as usual, tovarisch. Then we go in by the seat of our pants and hope our luck holds out.”

“Your luck you mean, mine is never good.”

“You’re such a pessimist Illya. They don’t know we’re found them or even that we’re looking for them here. Let’s find the back exit and see if we can get in that way. You have the explosives and can implode the building without trouble? “

The glare he received was a one that said ‘you have to be kidding’. A shrug of the shoulders from Napoleon and they headed toward the building.


Where the front had been cleaned of debris, the back was full of old furniture, appliances, and rubble from the building. The full moon above was enough to keep them from injuring themselves as they climbed over the items. One guard could be seen patrolling the area that Illya quickly took out before beginning to set his charges.

To implode the building he set the charges to remove the critical supports so that the building can no longer withstand the force of gravity and falls under its own weight. Numerous small explosives were strategically placed within the structure. He then set the connections so that they would progressively detonate on the supports throughout the building. He was surprised to find only three men were on the lower floor which was where he needed place the explosives to control the collapse.

While he was working on the charges, Napoleon slipped up the stairs encountering no one. The inside of the building had been repaired and each door labeled. On the third floor the outer door read Lab-only authorized personnel allowed.

Smiling he said to himself, “Seems like my invitation.” Slowly he pushed the door open, revealing a fully stocked lab and only two men in white coats.

“Gentlemen, I hate to interrupt your work but I need to ask you to raise your hands.”

The shocked men turned one knocking a beaker on the floor. Neither man seemed concern so Napoleon waved them away and into a corner.

“I need a sample of your creation. If I get what I want, I’ll escort you out of the building before it blows; otherwise I’ll leave you here to go up with the lab.”

“That’s murder, you can’t do that,” the older man whined.

“Outcome of the game, I’m afraid. Now give me the sample please.” Napoleon asked once more this time with a sternness that indicated he would accept nothing less.

With a nod from the older man, the younger one approached the table removing a beaker. He poured a smaller amount into a glass flute and covered it. Unsure what to do next he stood there.

“You know that won’t do you any good, don’t you. It’s only one part of three that is needed to complete the formula,” the older man said a sense of defiance.

“Hand that to me,” Napoleon pointed to the beaker. “That’s our problem isn’t it? Now gentlemen you can either precede me or stay here and die. Your choice.”

The two quickly went in front of him heading for the outside. When they cleared the building, Napoleon spotted Illya with three guards unconscious behind a pile of rubble.

Joining him, the Russian complained, “This was too easy. Take cover and I’ll bring this building down once we have the men picked up..”
Napoleon called for the removal of the prisoners. After the Section Five agents arrived and removed the Thrush personnel, Napoleon and Illya hid behind cover. Illya pressed his watch beginning the sequence of destruction causing the explosions to roar waking up the neighborhood and the resulting fire that lit up the night.

The results were a complete destruction of the building and secondary explosions indicated that the chemicals inside had also exploded. Mixing in the crowd of neighbors, they began to leave the area. Before completely escaping, Illya spotted the flower shop owner. She acknowledged them and whispered a thank you.


Harason stood between two bodyguards and Phillippe Germani who was furious. Firing off questions, “How had UNCLE found out about his New York headquarters?” “Why was security so lacking?” and “How was it Harason you were not on site when it was invaded?” Yet he never stopped talking long enough for Harason to answer. It will take months to recreate the amount of the drugs destroyed in your building.”

“Mr. Germani, I can’t answer your questions. They were suddenly there and before we could fight back the building was gone.” Harason knew his life over unless he could come up with some answers.

“You’re useless.” Germani said but then smiled. “No I do have a use for you. Take this screw-up down to the labs. Tell the doctors you have another volunteer for his experiment.”

“You can’t do that. I can still help you,” Harason screamed as he was taken away.

“Get me Milwaukee and Houston,” he demanded of his other bodyguard so angry he didn’t see the woman listening from the bedroom doorway.

After he had spoken to both cities, he headed toward the labs to watch their new lab rat go through his paces. Before leaving he yelled into the bedroom, “I’ll be back soon and you better be ready to make me forget my problems. Or this time you’ll feel more than just my fist.”

After he left, Jo called in her report directly to Waverly. Although not having the phone number yet, at least UNCLE knew where to start.

“Any problems Miss Kuryakin?” Waverly asked.

“Nothing I cannot handle sir.” She answered unconsciously covering up the bruises on her arms.

“If it gets too much, remember we can pull you out.”

“I will see it through to the end sir.” A noise made her start, “He is coming back. I'll try to get more information for you as soon as possible.” With that she disconnected and hid her communicator again.



Getting off the airplane at Mitchell field, Napoleon once more smiled at the stewardess and tucked her number into his pocket. Illya rolled his eyes and headed down the steps after him.

“I thought you were settling down. Do you intend to give her a call?”

“I’m trying to be faithful to Jo, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a pretty face and a little flirting at times. And in answer to your question, no I don’t intend to give her a call. Let’s hit UNCLE’s office here. Maybe they’ll be able to recommend a good place to stay”

“Our agents here have been looking so let’s hope they have something for us.”

The field office was a small building on St Paul Avenue. In the back of a record shop was a small office, communication center, and room. The agent who ran it was a cheerful man who they had called to meet them there.

“Napoleon, Illya so nice to see you again. You do liven up the place when you show up. So what can I do for you this time?” Don Brattner, head of the Milwaukee Office, said, excited to see the two agents. Last time they had worked with him was in The Invisibility Affair where Thrush had used an invisible dirigible in an attempt to take over the world again.

“Hi Don. I see Thrush didn’t get the office condemned yet. Through it looks like the dilapidation in this area isn’t getting any better.” Napoleon said while shaking the man’s hand.

“We’re actually moving. They’re tearing down the block for a new expressway in a few months. The new place is actually very nice.” Don explained. “Now what can I do for you two?”

“We’re expecting a message from the Old Man. Thrush has a lab in the area that needs to be destroyed after we get something from the building,” Napoleon explained.

“Are you planning on blowing it up then I need to let the police know?” While working the Russian the last time he was in town had given him a decent respect for the man’s abilities.

“Waverly’s already taken care of it. We just need to let him know the location.” Illya informed Barthner.

“Okay then on to the information I have for you. New York asked that I find the images8U665TY5location of this phone number if possible. It’s a 473 exchange which would be a Menomonee Valley number. But I wasn’t able to limit it closer than that.”

“What and where is this Menomonee Valley? Do you have a map of it?” Napoleon asked.

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