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Double Standards Affair Chapter 5 of 6

Napoleon and Illya follow up leads across the country while collecting samples of a new drug Thrush is cooking up. Napoleon finds he is having a problem with the method used to receive their information. Thanks to yelizaveta52 for her beta work.

Looking out their hotel window, the agents could see the San Diego–Coronado Bay Bridge was in the process of being completed for its grand opening next year.

“Good thing that bridge isn’t completed. It would give Thrush an easy access to the Naval Base to try their drug on.” Napoleon said more to himself than Illya.

“Even without the bridge, I believe we have discovered why they are operating in the area.

Napoleon and Illya headed toward San Carlos an upper class neighborhood in the eastern area of San DiegoimagesCATY45VB. Surrounded by mountain in the background and a river in front of it, the setting is peaceful and welcoming.

“Uccello Inc. What a charming name. I see he moved his operation uptown this time that building looks new.” Napoleon said, not surprised that it would be very different than the rest of the sites. “No slums for him only the best.”

Looking down on the operation from the catwalk, Napoleon and Illya could see that although they had destroyed the other three labs this one was ready to ship out doses of the drug.

“We need to destroy this area and everything in it, Napoleon. Those boxes easily hold enough drugs to contaminate the Naval Base.”

“I agree. Let’s plant the explosives, find Jo and the information she has then take care of this germ workshop.”
Carefully they placed explosives in various spots throughout the factory. At times, they just missed a guard or two. When they met back at the starting point, they headed toward where Jo had hidden the information and the sample.
Turning a corner, they ran into a group of guards returning from lunch. Before they could retreat a second group came behind them. With no place to run they did the only thing they could and surrendered.

“Solo and Kuryakin we’ve been expecting you. Mr. Germani is especially looking forward to having a conversation with you. Move it,” the head of the group ordered.


The phone woke Phillippe Germani, “This better be good.” He demanded as he answered.

He listened and a smile spread across his face. “Bring them to my quarters. I’ll be waiting for you.”

The woman in his bed started to rise but he barked, “Stay in bed. When I get back I’ll feel like celebrating. You better make it worth it.”


Arms bound behind their back, Napoleon and Illya were pushed into a carpeted room and shoved to their knees. Germani looked down on them his robe open enough to show he had nothing on beneath it.

Their Thrush capturer could tell the UNCLE agents had been roughed up but the greater number of his men had kept them from escaping. Not a stupid man, he knew that if they had been evenly matched they wouldn’t have been caught.

“Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin, it’s so nice to have you join me.” His gloating set Illya off.

“Well for one of us at least,” Illya spat out earning him a backhand across his face.

“You’d be wise to keep your tongue civil. I have a number of questions that you’ll answer for me.” His smile gave an indication of what would happen if they didn’t.

“I’m sorry but we aren’t allowed to share. Mr. Waverly frowns on that.” Napoleon quirked back. “He wouldn’t be happy.”

As Phillippe brought his hand back to slap Napoleon, the bedroom door open and his bed partner walked out. A thin negligee covered very little of her. Bruises could be seen covering her arms and other parts of her body.

“What is the matter, Doctor?” she asked in a meek voice.

Looking at the men, she saw a look of confusion and anger on Napoleon’s face.

“Get back in that bed,” the Thrush scientist commanded her. His voice rising in anger.

“But why are they so beaten up? What is going on?” Her voice was low and timid.

He turned, quickly backhanding her and sending her to the ground. Napoleon began to rise to go to her aid.

“Still the gentlemen Mr. Solo. If I were you, I’d be more worry about my own plight which is about to take a turn for the worst.” Turning back to her, he roared. “I said get back to bed.”

She rose from the ground and quickly left the room. After he was sure she was out of the sight, he ordered, “Take these two down to the cells and find out the information I want. I don’t care how you do it but keep them alive. I’ve waited way too long to settle a score with them.”

They were pulled up and each was held tightly by a guard on both sides and a rifle pointed directly at their head. As they were being pushed out of the room, slapping could be heard from the bedroom.


The interrogation went on for hours before the two men were dumped in the cell. Napoleon and Illya looked at their surrounding discovering they were in a standard Thrush cell with no windows, a door that electronically opened and closed, and a small bucket to use for a toilet. No water or food was in sight.

After checking for listening devices, hidden cameras and a way out, they examined each other. Though badly bruised with some contusions and cuts neither were seriously hurt at this time.

“They will be returning soon. Any ideas Napoleon?”

“What the hell does she think she’s doing?” Napoleon demanded in answer to his statement.

“She is doing her job. We need to get out of here now, so instead of worrying about what is happening with Jo right now you need to help me find a way out.”

“You consider that doing her job, sleeping with that man. Letting him use her….” Before he could continue they heard footsteps outside the cell.

Moving to each side of the door, they waited for it to open.

When it did, Jo entered saying, “It is just me.” Holding her hands up in surrender, she entered. “Help me get this guard in here.”

Illya hurried and pull the man in.

Napoleon looked her up and down and with bitterness said, “Aren’t you a bit cold in there outfit?”

Pulling the robe closer over her, “I am fine.”

“Why Jo? Why did you let him beat you and whatever else you two were doing?”

“I did what I needed to do to get the job done. I do not have time for your child-like behavior Solo. I retrieved the data and samples you need.” She had had it with the position she had been put in and wasn't in the mood to deal with any more.  Jo bit her words off one at a time then turned and handed their guns and communicators to Illya along with the information and samples.

“You are coming with us? This is all the information, is it not?” Illya was concern for her.

“I have one more thing to do but here are your guns and the detonator that Germani took off you. Give me thirty minutes then blow the buildings”

“And what’s so essential that you have to go back?” Although he knew it was wrong he asked, “Sleeping with him one more time.”

With teeth clenched, she said. “I have an assignment to complete. Waverly wants him dealt with in extreme prejudge! I will see you outside in a while.”

Turning, she left not looking back.

“We need to leave Napoleon,” Illya said when he noticed his partner staring at the door Jo had just exited through.

“Why did I say that?” He said softly.

“That my friend is something you will have to figure out for yourself after we finish this affair.”


They had almost made it to the door when the alarmed began to blare. They hit the exit running and guns blazing. Once outside, they dove for cover slowly making their way out the gate. Safely away from the building, they waited for Jo to join them.


As Jo opened the door to the bedroom, Germani grabbed her around her throat pressing a gun in her neck. The alarms had awakened him from the knock out drug she had administered from her ring.

“You bitch, this is your doing. Who are you really?” he demanded.

“Josephina Kuryakin,” she told him angry coloring her voice. “Your downfall and revenge for all the women you have killed.”

“You’re an UNCLE agent?”

“Yes and your executioner

He threw her from him causing her to fall to the ground. “I’m going to take my time killing you. Stand up.” He motioned with his gun.

As she began to stand a knife suddenly appeared in her hand for a second before it was flying into his heart. A moment before it hit him, his gun went off hitting her in the chest. Both fell to the ground. Germani dead, Jo critically hurt.


Napoleon looked at his watch for the umpteenth time shoving it in Illya’s face. “She’s late.”

“I know what time it is. She will be here,” Illya said without conviction.

“I’m going after her.” He felt his partner touch his arm. Turning he said softly, “I know something is wrong.”

The agents managed to get back to the bedroom without being seen. Entering the room, they found the Jo bleeding and unconscious.

Finding a weak and thready pulse, they spend a few precious moments padding her chest with a towel and tying a strip of a sheet to hold it in place. Napoleon carefully lifted her and the three left the room. The Solo’s luck held and they made it outside the compound without being stopped. Picking up the material they had received before, they headed toward a car whose driver was just getting out.

Illya pulled out his ID and commandeered the car as they raced toward the nearest secure hospital which was the Naval Medical Center, next to Balboa Park. Holding Jo on his lap and pressing on the dressing, he pulled out his ID as they approached the gate.

Stopped by the guard at the entrance, Napoleon explained quickly.shack
“I’m Napoleon Solo of UNCLE. My agent has been stabbed and has lost a lot of blood. She needs medical care immediately.”

The guard looked over at Illya who also held up his ID but smartly didn’t speak knowing his accent might prevent immediate access. The guard called over his partner who led the car to the hospital entrance where another guard accompanied them to the Emergency Room.

While the doctor examined Jo, Illya filled out her forms while the CEA saw to it their identifications were confirmed and reported in to Waverly arranging for the information to be picked up by an UNCLE carrier.

The doctor came out to explain her injuries and looked over the men. “Are you cops or something? What happened to her? She has some very serious injuries beside the gunshot. There are a lot of new injuries but some of them are very old.”

“Something like that,” Napoleon said.

“She is my sister. Her ex-husband had kidnapped her and responsible for what happened to her. We have been looking for her for awhile.” Illya lied knowing that abuse was common among the people who came to the ER.

“Our UNCLE will be sending an ambulance to transfer her to one of our medical centers. When will she be able to move?” Napoleon wanted to get her out of there as quickly as possible.

The doctor was one who took his calling very seriously and could cause problems with the authorities that they didn’t need to deal with right now although Napoleon knew he’d recommend to Waverly that they look at the man for possible UNCLE service.

“Why do I get the feeling you’re not telling me the whole truth, gentlemen?” Suspicion still present as her spoke.

“All we can tell you is that Mr. Kuryakin is her brother, the man who did this to her is no longer a problem, and we are the good guys.” Napoleon knew he wasn’t giving the doctor what he wanted, but it was the most he could give.

“She’ll be stable enough to move tomorrow as long as she’d be in a decent faculty. But somehow I have feeling that won’t be a problem. You can see her in a few minutes.”

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