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Double Standards Affair--the Finish

Napoleon and Illya follow up leads across the country while collecting samples of a new drug Thrush is cooking up. Napoleon finds he is having a problem with the method used to receive their information. Thanks to yelizaveta52 for her beta work.

Once Jo had recovered enough to be debriefed, Waverly came to her. After he gathered the information he required, he sat back and addressed her.

“I do not appreciate my agents lying to me Miss Kuryakin.” The reproach was thick in his voice.


“When I ask how an agent is I expect them to be honest. You could have jeopardized the affair. I read your medical report and many of the injuries you sustained were before the shooting. Or did I misunderstand the report?”

“No sir, you are correct.”

“Would you like to explain to me why you didn’t tell me how you actually were?”

“I felt it might interfere with the assignment if I were pulled.”

“You need to understand the seriousness of this lack of judgment. You’ll be on a week of in house suspension. Am I understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“Next time I expect the truth so that I may make the decision about your ability to continue with the assignment.”

As he walked out the door, he smiled, “And the suspension will be served when you’re 1174534_574776602570568_862135415_nwell enough to be on desk duty. I hope it has an effect on your future activities.”

Waverly left shaking his head. It always surprised him how much his agents were willing to put up with for the sake of humanity. Knowing the next time it came down to her life or the assignment she would choice the later, he smiled.

Many of the other chiefs had accused him a giving his people have too much of a free hand in the assignments. However, he knew that his men and women were the best. They were the ones who dealt with evil throughout the world. They died, to defend not only their countries but the world. What his counterparts considered free reign was his belief in each and every one of them.

The promise he had just received was meant at the moment. But when needed, Miss Kuryakin and the rest of his agents would freely give their lives to ensure the completion of their duty.

Napoleon had not spoken to Jo during her time in medical about what had happened during the affair. His discussions were on how she was. However when she was released he was there to drive her home.

On the way he could stay quiet no longer demanding, “What did you think you were doing sleeping with Germani?”

“What I was ordered to do. I do not wish to discuss this with you Napoleon. Mr. Waverly assigned me the affair and I have discussed my actions with him. Just drop it.”

“Drop it. I find you obviously sleeping with another man and you want me to drop it.” Anger coloring his speech.

“That man was the enemy and I was ordered to get the information at all cost. This was the only way to get it.” She turned away from him and looked out the window.

“But there are other ways to get information besides sleeping with the enemy.” His voice becoming louder as he continued.

“Oh and you would never do it.” Sarcasm obvious in her voice.

Napoleon opened his mouth to reply but a cold look from Jo had him stopping. “It isn’t the same.”

“You are right. For you it does not have to be an assignment,” Jo accused him as they pulled up in front of their apartment building. She jumped out of the stopped car and headed toward the door.

“Jo!” Napoleon shouted after her but she ignored him entering the building and heading up the stairs.


Napoleon just managed to catch up to her and get into her apartment before almost getting hit from the door Jo slammed.

“Out Solo, I have no wish to continue this discussion.”

“I was worried about you,” he said trying to calm her down.

“You were not worried. You are condescending and a hypocrite. I did my job the only way it could be done.”

“Sleeping with the enemy was the only way you could get it done? Give me a break, Jo. I’m sure you could have avoided it.”

“Oh so now you are questioning my judgment. Are you so blind you do not see how inconsistent this discussion is? Your sleeping with the enemy is okay but for me it is not. Leave now!”

Napoleon sat down, head in his hands. “I love you Jo, but he could have killed you.”

“Just like you with Angelique or perhaps Serena. Or is it because you are a man and I am just a woman.”

“You know that’s not how I think of you.” His voice became lower and frustration was apparent.

“I am not blind I understand how you see me. You just do not trust me and think my decisions are not thought out perhaps. Or you assume I enjoyed my time with that maniac?”

“Of course not.” He was shocked that she would believe that.

Slowly and angry she said, “Get out of my apartment before I say something that cannot be taken back.”

Jo headed to her bedroom slamming the door and leaning on it She was so angry at him right now she couldn’t even handle his one-sided attitude any longer.

A few minutes later she heard a quiet knock on the door. “Jo?”

“Get out!”

Napoleon knew there was no way he could talk to her in this mood so left after setting the alarms.


Later that evening a knock on the door had Jo looking through her peek hole.

“Go away, I do not wish to see you.”

“Jo let me in to talk to you. To explain how worried I was.”


“I do have a key, you know.”

“And I have a gun and know how to use it.” With that she moved away, and soon heard him scuffing down the hall.


When there was a knock the next morning, Jo yelled out. “I am not going to talk to you Solo go away and leave me be.”

“It is me Josephina,” Illya called back.

After assuring that Napoleon wasn’t with her brother she opened the door.

The chill coming off Jo had him stepping back.

“What is going on?” He had not met up with Napoleon since the afternoon before.

“I will not put up with Napoleon and his two-sided standard.”

“I believe you mean double standard.” He said without thinking.

“You are correcting my English now. You are as bad as him.” She turned on him.

Blushing, “I am sorry Jo. He does rub off on you.”

“Maybe on you. For me he is just a blind jerk. What did you want?” She demanded.

“I am here to drive you to work.”

“Waverly told me he didn’t need me until noon, so I am not going in now. Just pick up that partner of yours and go.”

Knowing that arguing with her would get him no place he left her to stew.


green028Sitting in their office, Illya let Napoleon express his concerns. He tried to explain how worried he had been about her and how when he saw her in the nightie the only thing her could really see were the bruises. And knowing she would defend herself against that type of treatment, she had let him do it to her.

“Mr. Waverly gave her that assignment. She knew what she was getting into as did he.” Illya said.

“Why didn’t he ask my opinion?”

“Really Napoleon, you know why.”

“Yes, I guess I do. How do I correct this situation?”

“Would you act this way if it were April or question her judgment?” Illya asked later when Napoleon had bared his soul to him.

After thinking about it, Napoleon had to admit, “No.”

“Then maybe you will see that you were wrong. I will say nothing else but do think about it my friend.”

Illya left Napoleon looking over the situation and his reaction. After a while he knew what he had to do.


The knock was light and the word ‘Jo’ floated through the door.

“Napoleon I asked you to stay away.” She leaned on the door wanting nothing more that to be held by him but knowing she couldn’t forget what he had said.

“I’m sorry. I’ve coming bearing gifts and some humble pie.”

“Humble pie?”

“Well actually it’s cherry, your favorite. Humble pie means to apologize for a error in judgement. I shouldn’t have said what I did. It’s just I was so surprised to see you like that and the bruises. Then to be shot, well I flipped out.”

Opening the door wide she let him come in. “I do like cherry pie.”

“Maybe we can talk over it.”

Jo pulled him close to her. “For tonight, I want to be just the woman who loved you and you to be the man who loves me. No one in charge, no ulterior motives, no betrayal—just you and me. What do you say?”

Napoleon lifted her chin to him with his knuckle. Slowly he used his finger tip running it around her lips before giving her a gentle kiss, “That sounds great to me.” Jo placed her arms around his neck pulling him closer deepening the kiss.

With that the night exploded with pleasure and love.

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