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Prompt 81: Dismay Water, Water (orginally posted to MFU_100)

Prompt 81: Dismay Water, Water
Title: Water, Water
Author jkkitty
Rating: Gen
Word count: 744
Prompt 81.Dismay

As he turned around, a look of dismay was obvious on Illya's face. The fact that Napoleon was smiling and actually seemed to be enjoying his alarm didn’t help the Russian’s temper.

“This is your fault. You had to volunteer us for this assignment. I did not want it or want to be here.” Illya was furious with his partner, who had kept the details of the case quiet until they arrived at their destination.

“Now come on partner it isn’t that bad. You’ll enjoy it once we get started.” Napoleon moved a little away from the Russian as he said this. He knew he should’ve prepared Illya but he figured the man wouldn’t fight it when they arrived.

“I will not enjoy it, and if I have anything to say about it neither will you.”
Illya knew his fear of being on the water made no sense, especially sense he loved being in the water so much. But the seasickness he suffered and a generalize dslike for being someplace that he couldn’t escape from made him uneasy.

“Now Illya, come on. What’s wrong with a little sun, wind, and fresh air?boat” This wasn’t going the way Napoleon hoped it would go and if he couldn’t change his partner’s mood he knew the Russian would make him pay for telling Waverly they would accept the assignment. He hoped the two day sail to locate the Thrush ship would help them both relax.boat

“I do not mind sun, wind or air but a boat on the water I do. You know how I get,” he said through clenched teeth and added a few Russian profanities to his statement.

“I needed a scuba diver and you’re the best around. Besides I brought you some Dramamine that the lab has improved to help out with your sea sickness.” Napoleon offered him box.

Annunciating every word slowly and changing his face from dismay to irritation, Illya said. “I am not the only agent who can scuba dive. Besides we why can’t we just fly there?”

“We need to come in with the other boats for the weekends activities. Come on give the pills a try.”

Grumbling the Russian boarded the boat and headed down to the cabin cutting short anything else his partner had to say. Napoleon tried to think of a way to bring his partner out of the mood he was in but figured he would wait until they were at sea.


The night hadn’t gone well as it took most of it before the medication helped his partner with the boat’s motion. Neither man had gotten much sleep. Now Napoleon sat on deck, eyes closed hearing his partner moving around. He was trying to catch a few more winks before he needed to start the boat and move it further out to sea.

Suddenly he felt more than saw a blond streak rush toward him pulling him over his shoulder fireman style. Although struggling, he felt himself being carried across the deck.

“Put me down!” Napoleon demanded.

“As you wish,” Illya grunted once and the American could feel himself flying through the air. As he hit the water, he saw Illya’s smiling face watching him splash around.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing?” Napoleon shouted up at the blond laughing on the deck. The American’s look of dismay, a mirror of his partner’s the day before, had Illya watching for a few second to make sure his partner was okay.

“I might need help with the scuba assignment and wanted you to get use to the water.” Illya said looking over at his partner.

“This isn’t funny. Where’s my darn ladder?” Napoleon loved sailing but being in water outside a pool actually caused him to feel anxious.

“Oh did I forget to put it down. Let me look for it, I’ll be right back. Here a life preserver in case you need it.” Illya threw the ring in the water and then slowly walked toward the metal laying against the other side of the cabin.

After placing the ladderr over the side, Illya walked toward the hatch.

“This means war, you realize it don’t you,” Napoleon yelled from the ladder as he started to climb up in time to see a head of golden hair going down below laughing.

“At least he’s out of the sulk he was in,” Napoleon thought to himself as he took off after the disappearing he Russian.
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