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Wilds of Canada Affair Chapter 4 of 7

Inocencio Oreato from the Babyhead Fungus Affair returns looking to get even with the agents.  From the small town of Llano, Texas to the wilds of Canada, UNCLE attempts to put an end to a fungus which once more is designed to make people mindless slaves. 
Thanks to yelizaveta52 for helping me clean this up.

Chapter 4
“Mr. McLaughlin, Miss Kuryakin,” Waverly sent a file around to them.

“First I’d like to pass along the Ambassador’s thanks for protecting his son.  He did say to tell you Miss Kuryakin that whatever you said to the young man has stopped his constant chasing of the women at the embassy.  Would you care to share what that is about?”

“I would prefer not, sir.” 

She blushed unsure that Waverly would approve of her solution to the young man’s advances.  Finally having enough, the last time the young man came on to her, she turned the tables and frightened him by taking him up on his offer.  When he realized what he was getting into, he tried to back out but Jo had gone so far as to begin to undress him before she allowed him escape the room.  From then on, he stayed quiet and out of her way until the affair was over.

The grin on Jimmy’s face confirmed he knew what she was thinking, although she knew he would say nothing.

“If you prefer not, then let’s get on with the current problem.  Thrush has a lab set up in the wilds of Canada.  Find it, see what they’re up to and destroy it if warranted.”

Jo looked at Jimmy and with her eyes encouraged him to speak up.  He had promised to take the lead on the next assignment that came up and Jo was making him keep his word.

“Do we have a general starting place sir?” Jimmy managed to quietly get out.

Surprised it was McLaughlin who was asking, Waverly looked up from the file in front of him.  He encouraged growth in his agents and was happy to see Kuryakin was encouraging the young man.

“There have been rumors of activity around Rainy River, Ontario and a few observations of some Thrush scientists.  This should be your starting point.”

“When do we leave sir?” Jimmy asked.

“As soon as you make the arrangements to leave Mr. McLaughlin.”

Dismissed the agents left heading toward their office.

“I think I’d rather you run things, Jo.  That man scares me.”

Smiling she said, “You will get use to it.  Come on you need to make the arrangements.”

A few hours later, they were winging toward Baudette International Airport in Minnesota.  During the four and a half hour flight they created a plan.  From the plane, there would be an hour drive to Rainy River.


Looking out the window as the plane came in for a landing; Illya could see snow covered fields.  In the middle of what looked likes miles of uninhabited cleared land set a factory not an easy place to enter without being captured.

“As you can see, you partner will have a hard time sneaking into this location.   So you might as well understand there’ll be no rescue.  So cooperate before we need to persuade you to collaborate with our scientist,” Oreato broke into his thoughts.

“Do not count Napoleon out,” Illya said.

“I only hope he does come to get you out.  I look forward to see what happens when someone gets a second dose of the formula.” 

Standing next to Illya’s seat put Oreato close enough for him to strike out at the Thrush scientist.

The Russian was able to get two good hits in before he was taken down by Oreato’s men. 

As the men held him down, he could see the needle shoved into his arm.  “You’ll be in for a surprise when you wake up Kuryakin.  One I’m sure you won’t enjoy.”  Oreato said as Illya felt himself slipping into darkness.


The ride was bumpy and getting colder.  Napoleon no longer was the only man bundled up and sleeping or at least pretending to.  Soon the truck slowing down brought Napoleon to full alert.  After listening for a few minutes the American was able to determine they were at the American/Canadian border.  He heard the name Baudette said a few times.  Picking up the flap he saw money changing hands meaning they wouldn’t be searching the trucks and his deception wouldn’t be discovered yet.

Once they cross here, according to what he heard the others talking about, they would heading towards the outskirts of Rainy River, Ontario where their headquarters were.  The complaints from the men made it clear the place was in the middle of a wide barren area.  He had smiled when they bragged that no UNCLE agent would be able to sneak up on them.  He wouldn’t be sneaking in.  He would be using the back door and hopefully in time to save his partner.


Illya became aware of lying on a cold damp floor in a cell when pain shot though his body as he moved.  It surprised him causing him to scream before he could catch himself.
“Oh the big bad UNCLE agent is having trouble with the doc's injection,” one of the guards heckled.

Finding a man staring in his cell with a grin on his face, Illya answered the taunt with a string of Russian profanity.

“What’s he saying?” the guard demanded of his partner who did speak some Russian.

“Let’s just say he wasn’t very complimentary to your mother.”  The second man said laughing.

“Enjoy yourself, Kuryakin.  From what I hear Oreato is really steamed about you jumping him and plans to let you suffer for a while.”

Illya went to move his leg but found it chained to the floor.  He gritted his teeth as he turned facing the wall ignoring the men outside his prison. 

“What’s a matter Kuryakin?  Not such a big shot now are you.  Just so you know the pain only gets worse.  I can’t wait for you to beg for relief.”  The original guard called out to him. 

Illya waited as the sun went across the sky and began to set.  Oreato was making a point he knew but the pain was so intense that he could think of nothing else but stopping it.  However he knew it wouldn’t happen as he could not do what was asked of him.


It was dark when Kuryakin’s and McLaughlin’s plane landed in Baudette, Minnesota.

“What do you think?” Jimmy didn’t look forward to driving in this unknown area at night and definitely didn’t want to chance Jo’s driving in the dark.

“You are lead agent, what do you want to do?” she still insisted he make the choices.

“Seeing we slept little last night and have been going since early this morning, let’s get a good night sleep and head out in the morning?”  It was a question but Jo took it as a decision and quickly agreed.

Jimmy pulled the car into the Walleye Inn Motel off highway 11 on the southern end of Baudette.  “It’s safer if Thrush has anyone on this side of the border,” he explained after checking them in.

“I’m hungry, how about food?”  Jo asked.

“You’re always hungry, but I agree.  There was that little restaurant right next door.”

The two left the room heading toward the food.  Jimmy was newer to UNCLE and not well known but Jo took the precaution of tucking her long strawberry blonde hair under a stocking cap.


The two were finishing up their meals when a group of men entered the place.  Jo recognized a few of them as Thrush underlings.  As the two UNCLE agents were in a far back corner, they were able to tuck themselves deeper into the corner.

“Guess that leaves no doubt Thrush is in the vicinity.  Perhaps we better get out of here before they see us,” Jimmy suggested calling the waitress over with a hand motion. 

“Good call.  I will go out the back door quickly and watch for you.  I do not think any of them will identify you, but I have had run in with two of them.”  Jo said pulling the hat further down and shrugged into her jacket wrapping her scarf around her face.

A few minutes later Jimmy joined her.  “No problem, didn’t know any of them.  Let’s head back to the room.”


hotelThe small motel had reasonable rooms with two full beds. 
“Waverly will be happy with your concern for the budget,” Jo teased.

“Well to be honest with you, I’d rather not explain to Mr. S why we’re sharing a bed,” he said.

Laughing Jo headed toward a bath.  “Do not worry.  He only shoots people who he catches.”
“Thanks loads, partner.”  Jimmy called out.

As the water ran, Jo found herself happy with this relationship.  Jimmy would be an excellent agent once he gave himself the credit he deserved.


The rattling of the cell woke Illya up.  The slight movement caused pain to shoot up his body but he was prepared for it this time.  Clenching his fist, he avoided crying out.  As he turned, he saw Oreato and two guards with rifles coming into the cell.

“Ah you’re awake Kuryakin.  So how do you like my little addition to the drug?  As you can see it would be difficult to direct people who are in so much pain.  I wanted you to have a firsthand demonstration so you could appreciate the necessity of overcoming this side effect.”

Illya glared at the man teeth clamped, saying nothing.

“Do you want my subjects to suffer?  I thought UNCLE agents liked to protect the innocent.  Come, come Kuryakin surely you have something to say.”

Idi k chertu , ya vam ne pomozhet (Go to hell, I will not help you),” Illya managed to squeak out the pain growing in intensity with every second.

“Now there is no need for that type of language.  Give him the injection,” Oreato ordered.
A man in a lab coat stepped out from behind the Thrush doctor and nervously headed toward the prisoner.

“Oh he’s in no condition to hurt you just give him the medication now.” 

With that the lab tech, injected Illya and hurried back out of the cell.

“That injection will usually relieve your pain for about twelve hours but I only gave you a fourth of the dose so my guess is it will return in about three.  Unfortunately when the pain returns, it comes back with a vengeance.  So unless you wish to experience it, your help on a solution to the problem would be beneficial to you.  I may not be so willing to give you another dose of the pain killer otherwise.”

“Do not hold your breath, I will not help you,” Illya spoke through pressed lips.

“Oh we’ll see when you are riddled with pain again what you decide.”

Oreato turned to leave when Illya managed to call out, “I see your appearance has been improved by that black eye.”

Spinning quickly, the doctor kicked out landing a foot in his stomach before storming out leaving the prisoner passed out from pain.

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