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Wilds of Canada Affair Chapter 6 of 7

Inocencio Oreato from the Babyhead Fungus Affair returns looking to get even with the agents.  From the small town of Llano, Texas to the wilds of Canada, UNCLE attempts to put an end to a fungus which once more is designed to make people mindless slaves. 
Thanks to yelizaveta52 for helping me clean this up.

Chapter 6
Checking out Jimmy’s uniform, Napoleon made a few adjustments.

“Just because we’re in the enemies outfits, doesn’t mean we can’t maintain a good appearance.”
Jimmy who didn’t think his boss was watching him rolled his eyes.

“I see you’ve been spending too much time with Illya,” Napoleon surprised him by saying.

“Sorry Mr. S.”  The blushing agent said.

“Jimmy, Mr. S isn’t going to cut it here.  We’re working together so Napoleon will do.  Now the prisoners are in the far building.  According to the gossip both Illya and Jo are shot up with the drug and not in good shape.  We’ll have to get them out and destroy this place.  Thrush won’t expect us to be inside already so that should help somewhat.”

Jimmy grabbed his gun heading out the door when Napoleon pulled him back in.  “Where are you going?” The CEA asked with some irritation.

“After Jo and Mr. K, sir?” The younger agent questioned.

“We need to wait until it’s dark, less people around and less chance of getting caught.  Besides I understand they’re looking for volunteers to guard the prisoners.  I think we should offer our services.”  Napoleons suggested with a gleam in his eyes.  “After all we are the new guys and want to get in good with the boss.”

Thinking about it for a minute, Jimmy smiled.  “You have a wicked mind Mr. S.  I do like how you think.  I’ll let them know we’ll do it.”

Heading toward the man writing up the assignments, Jimmy offered to take to take the night watch.

“Ah sir, my friend and I’ll do it.”

“Want to get a peek at the great Kuryakin begging like a baby?”  The man grinned at the new man.

“Well, I …..”

“No problem son, I was new once.  Sure you and your friend are on from midnight to six.  Just don’t take any chances with the guy or his sister.  They’re not as simple to control as they look.  Get some sleep before your shift,” he said looking back at the assignment sheet.

Jimmy walked back toward Napoleon who headed toward the rear bunks. Once he caught up, Napoleon said, “Get some sleep, we’re going to need it later.”

Sure he would be too excited to sleep.   It would have surprised him to know it took less than five minutes to doze off.


Moaning called Illya from his corner of the cell where Jo was beginning to come around.  A loud scream escaped from her lips as she tried to move.

“Shhhhh sestrenka, I am here with you,” he slowly rubbed her back trying to assure her that she was not alone.

As she calmed down, she looked up at him, “You are not in pain?”

“Oreato gave me a drug that relieves the pain for a while.  He wants me to see you suffer hoping it will make me help him.”  Illya spit out.

“You cannot give in,” she said grabbing his arm as another wave of pain ripped through her.

He pulled his arm out of her hands, “I know my duty.  I may not like it, but I will do what I have too.”
Pulling her head on his lap, he brushed her hair off her face and softly spoke to her.  “Do you remember as a child, the times we pretended to sleep so we could listen to the adults speak?” 

She smiled though pressed lips nodding.  He continued to talk softly in an attempt to take her mind off the pain.

“Now isn’t that a loving picture,” Oreato called through the bars.  He nodded his head toward his guards, who entered the cell pulling Jo from Illya’s hands roughly causing her to bite her lips to prevent herself from crying out in pain again.

Rising quickly, Illya was sent back to his knees when a rifle butt hit him in the stomach.

“You’re sister and I have a lot of things to discuss, unless you’d like to talk to me about the formula?  No, we’ll be right next door if you change your mind.”

Bol shoi brat (big brother) I am fine,” she insisted through clinched teeth knowing that he wouldn’t be able to help her and hoping the term of endearment would settle him.

As she was dragged from the cell, Illya glared at the guard who had hit him.  As he watched her go, he swore Oreato would suffer by his hands for this.


Napoleon and Jimmy arrived at the cells just as Oreato was returning an unconscious Jo to the cell.  Turning his head, Napoleon looked interesting in the map on the wall. 

“Get moving.  The men you’re replacing are waiting for you.” Oreato said angry.

The woman’s interrogation hadn’t revealed anything as she would moan but not say a word.

Kuryakin hadn’t given in even with the sounds he heard from his sister.  Oreato was a patient man and it wouldn’t be long before the woman wouldn’t be able to stand the pain after receiving a larger dose of the drug. 

Oreato smiled, thinking how the proud Illya Kuryakin would cave in when he discovered exactly how much pain the drug could cause his sister while he had to sit by knowing the drugs they were forcing on him were holding his pain at bay.  He would have his revenge and solution to the pain problem before he watched both Kuryakins died in agony.


After Oreato and his guards left the area, the UNCLE agents went to the cell holding their partners.

“We’re here to relieve you,” Napoleon voice took on a rough quality while trying to disguise it.

As the previous guards began to leave, one of them pointed and yelled, “That’s Solo…..” but before he could get more out, the Thrush guards were taken out by Jimmy.

“What took you so long?” Illya demanded as he saw his partner opening the cell.

“I had to take a truck, not the first class accommodations you had getting here.”  Napoleon threw back at him.

Working to release Illya’s ankle chain, Napoleon asked.  “How bad are you two?”

“They have not used physical methods on me yet, but they did slap Jo around some.  She is unconscious again from the pain.  Their formula causes severe pain in normal doses, but Oreato gave me a smaller dose and then something to relieve the pain.    He gave Jo a larger dose as an incentive to make me help.”  Illya explained.

“Doesn’t know you two very well does he?  Well should we leave after setting some explosives as a gift?”  Napoleon asked a smirk on his face knowing this would make his partner feel better.

“We need to act quickly before the anti-pain drug they gave me is out of my system.  I need to get the pure drug and whatever else they have on this version of the treatment, pay Oreato a visit then we can destroy the lab.”  Illya informed his partner. 


“He is pure evil Napoleon.  I will not let him do this to one other person; you do not have to help me but I will not leave before he is dealt with.”

Jimmy looked at the top UNCLE agents as they stared at one another.  They seemed to be holding a silent conversation that no one else was privy too.  

“We’ll do it your way,” Napoleon said to his partner.  “Jimmy take Jo out of here and get us a jeep.”


“We will join you as soon as possible,” Illya spoke slowly and with determination.

As Jimmy went to help Jo out she let out a loud cry. 

“I’m sorry,” Napoleon said as he clipped her neck putting her back into darkness.

The other two looked at him questionably, “I was afraid to use a sleep dart as I don’t know what the effect of the drug she was in her system combined with it would be.”

Quickly the men rolled her in a worn blanket from the next cell and Jimmy slung her over his shoulder.  “If anyone stops you just tell them she’s a body you were told to get rid of but hurry, she’d only be out for a little bit.”  Napoleon warned him.

“She's a little heavy. I hope the jeeps aren’t too far away.”

“I wouldn’t let her hear you say that,” Napoleon warned indicating the way Jimmy should go.
“Women tend to get a little upset when people say they’re fat.”

“I didn’t say that….”  The young agent sputtered.

“I hate to break this up but we need to go Napoleon before the drug wears off.  I will not be any help to you then.”

The two agents went one way while Jimmy left the other way with Jo over his shoulder.


Napoleon led Illya to the explosive room and helped him gather the supplies needed to demolish the lab. After placing the charges where they needed to be, Illya suddenly fell against the wall pain flashing across his face.


Gritting his teeth against the agony, Illya said.  “We need to hurry Oreato will be heading toward the cell in a few minutes to check on my level of pain and give me another injection and Jo another dose of the virus.”

“Can you make it?”  Napoleon asked taking the remaining explosives from his partner’s arms.

“I can carry those,” Illya went to reach for the box holding them, but Napoleon pulled them away.

“I have an idea.  The medication Oreato gives you and Jo, is it pure?”


“Then let’s wait at the cell for him.  We can get the samples from him, finish our business with him, and then blow the lab.”

“You are counting on not being caught?” Russian pessimism coming through the words.

“Solo luck took us this far, hopefully it will take us all the way.”

“I plan on killing him,” Illya reminded his partner.

“Let’s see what happens.”  The American agreed with and understood his partner’s feelings but UNCLE wasn’t about revenge and he knew Illya believed this also.

“Let’s get to the cell,” Napoleon said offering a hand to steady his partner.

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