jkkitty (jkkitty) wrote,

Friends Prompt #37

Title: Friends
Author: Jkkitty
Prompt #37. Friendship (first posted in MFU 100)
Word count 420

“No Napoleon, absolutely not.” Illya yelled at his partner. “I plan on going home and reading tonight.”
Instead of saying anything, Napoleon just began to pout.

“Do not try that with me. Your pouting is going to get you no place.”

“I thought we were friends.” His voice was now in full sulk mode.

“It is not going to work. We are friends but that does not mean you can get me to do it.”

Napoleon’s eyes began to get that puppy dog look as he reached out to pick up the last file on his desk.
“Oh give me that,” Illya demanded as he took it out of his partner’s hands. “You do know you owe me.”

A small nod and a hung head was Napoleon’s response as his walked out the door.

Illya was bending over the file utter a steady stream of Russian adjectives describing his partner when the alarms began to ring. He grabbed his jacket and headed towards the Section One office when Waverly’s overhead announcement directed him to the cafeteria.

He ran into it and stopped dead. Before him were Waverly, Napoleon, April and many of his co-workers. A banner wish him a happy anniversary and a buffet was set up.

“What is this?” he demanded.

“We knew you wouldn’t agree to this so Napoleon set this up to let you know we are happy that you are here. It been here for five years since you joined us." April said as she took his arm.

“You can put the gun away now.” She suggested as they walked toward the group of well wishers.

Still holding the gun, he walked toward his partner.

“You know how I feel about situations like this,” he hissed quietly so that only Napoleon could hear.

“Put the gun away. You’re making security nervous.” Napoleon whispered. “And smile.”

Illya did as asked with a tight grin but whispered back. “I will get you back.”

The CEA knew that although his partner was making a fuss that the friendship being shown was something Illya never expected. The Russian had worked hard to prove himself, and all there knew it. The others had grown slowly from uncertainty, to acceptance, to respect, to friends.

Accepting a plate and directed toward the food line, the grin soften to a true smile something seldom seen.

Friendship-something the Russian never had before and believed he never would. However his co-workers gave him acceptance and a special friendship with his superior, friend, and partner was treasured.

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