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Well back from Vacation and put the grandkids on a plane to Florida to spend the next two months with their mom. Missing them already.

We had a great time starting with getting to Egg harbor, Wi in Door county in time to take the trolley tour to see the light houses their including the government ones open once a year to the public.

I always thought that lighthouse had one shape--Door County lighthouse sure helped change my mind. The two boys that keep showing up in pictures are my son and grandson.

light house cana
lighthouse 1
light house cana1

lighthouse 2
lighthouse 3
lighthouse gov1
lighthouse gov


We stayed in Egg Harbor and it is their 50th Anniversary of being a village. What better way to celebrate than having 50-2 feet metal eggs all designed differently placed through out the village. When I get those picture downloaded I share some.

Tags: rl, vacation

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