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Discussion on Life-in drabble form

Napoleon and Illya are as different as night and day in many things, but those differences are what makes them the team their are.  In a group of comparative drabble, the men make these differences known

They guys are in for their yearly psych examine and finish up with a word association examine.


"Okay Napoleon, this is the last test before we can clear you for field duty again. It's called word association and is designed to discover your professional feelings."


"Completely Captivating"


Absolutely Striking"

"Secret agent"

"Very Secretive"

"Double agent"

"Extremely Buxomous"


"Works Undercovers"


"Pleasantly Shapely"

"Mr. Solo many of your responses make no sense."

"Napoleon be serious so we can get out of here? Doctor, if you consider his answers as his impression of women spies…." Illya said exasperated.

"Mr. Solo could you take that smile off your face and be serious."

"I am."


"Mr. Kuryakin, it's your turn now. Hopefully, you will be more cooperative than Mr. Solo."




"Hot Chocolate with marshmallows."




"Overpowering flavor"







"Mr. Kuryakin many of your responses make no sense either."

"You're incorrect doctor; they make perfect sense if you understand my partner's stomach." Napoleon commented.

"Mr. Kuryakin, really. I thought you were the sensible one in the partnership."

As the two men walked away, Napoleon said, "Well, tovarisch I suppose he'll be contacting Waverly."

Illya grinned, "No doubt my friend, no doubt."

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